Did you notice a decrease in the engagement of your Insta posts? Not as good as free Instagram or comment on your content? Or worse, did your content stop displaying in hashtags? If the answer to these questions is yes, there is a high chance that your Insta account will be shadowed.

In this blog, we explain what a shadow bank is, how to block your account and some tips for fixing it.

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Cad is Instagram Shadowban?

Shadowbanning refers to blocking user content in a way that the user is not unaware that is happening. If you are under the shadow of Instagram, it means that the social media platform is limiting the visibility of your posts to people who do not follow you. Due to the suppression of Insta content, your content does not fail to appear in the ‘search’ tab even when using relevant hashtags. This can be quite detrimental if your aim to grow your profile. You should buy real Instagram followers for your profile. It serves the whole purpose of growing your Instagram community using a hashtag to connect with more users of common interest.

How do I know if I am an Instagram Shadowbanning victim?

If you have seen a significant decline in your engagement, this may suggest that your profile is being overshadowed. However, as Instagram constantly changes its algorithm, we cannot rule that out as the reason for the fall.

However, here’s what you can do to check if you have a visor:

Search Hashtag

This is the easiest way to check for shadow on Instagram. First, add an image from your account and use unfamiliar hashtags for it. Using a common hashtag will make it difficult for you to search your job through a sea of ​​other posts. Once you have posted the photo, ask 5 of your friends who do not follow your account to search for that hashtag. If not, you probably had an umbrella bank.

Instagram Analyst

Assuming you have a business account, examine the quantity of impressions, profile visits and other such measurements to see your commitment levels. A sharp decline can tell you that something is amiss.

What Can I Do to Fix the Instagram Shadowban?

Here are some helpful tips to prevent Instagram shadows:

Do Not Use Broken Hashtags

Many times, an innocent hashtag can invade inappropriate content. Instagram takes note of this and either blocks the hashtag completely or limits its use. If you continue to use a broken hashtag, it may prevent your other hashtags from being ranked. You could also set up a blocked account.

Avoid Reporting Your Account

An easy way to display on Instagram showban radar is by reporting your account to other users. If your account is reported repeatedly, Instagram assumes that you are posting inappropriate content. Another reason for violating their terms and conditions is that they can completely disable your account or shadow you.

Avoid a major surge in your activity

In case you didn’t know, Instagram restricted how often you like, comment, follow or unlock within an hour or a day. If you suddenly follow 100 people within an hour and expose 45 of them, it will think you are a bit and you are overshadowing.