One of the first questions that the client asks us is: How much does it cost to build a house? Although it is a very difficult question to answer, I promise to do my best to explain the different factors that can increase or decrease the costs of building a home.

Before Starting

I know that you are probably waiting for an exact number of how much it will cost you to build a house or more specifically the price per square meter of construction, so I would like to clarify the following from the beginning: There is no exact price per m2 of construction, Anyone who tells you otherwise would be lying to you.

Now yes, let’s start

The best way to understand the costs of building a house is to compare it to buying a car… the price will depend on various factors, such as the make and model, truck or passenger car, interior materials, type of engine, automatic or manual, the state in which the car is purchased, etc.

A simple car is not the same as one full extra.

This way of thinking applies perfectly to the construction of a house, next I want to show you the main factors that can increase (or decrease) the costs of building a house according to each client.


1) Type of Terrain

I am referring to the slope of the land and its composition of the land.

A steep slope allows more freedom and creativity in project design but increases costs. On the other hand, a flat terrain offers greater ease of execution, which implies lower costs.

The composition of the soil plays a huge role in the costs of excavation and foundation, for example, working in a field with rocky soil is much less expensive than working in one where there is an abundance of mud and clay.

2) Location of the Land

It is necessary to mobilize the construction materials, the further the land is from the city, the more the costs for transporting materials could increase.

3) Architectural Design

Each design implies different costs, the materials that characterize a minimalist contemporary style will be different from those that characterize a rustic or colonial style.

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4) Quality of House Structure

By structure I mean the foundation, electrical and sanitary installations, beams, columns, slabs… in other words, the gray part of the house. The materials required to build the structure can vary in quality and size.

An example is the type of iron used in the foundation, if a legitimate iron is used it will imply higher costs due to its superior quality, on the other hand, a millimeter iron will be cheaper but at the expense of inferior quality.

5) Final Finishes:

I am talking about the types of materials that will be used in the project, types of floors, walls, ceiling, kitchen furniture, etc… A ceramic floor will not have the same cost as a porcelain tile floor.

How Can You See

To know how much it costs to build a house, there are several factors that make it difficult to estimate an exact number. When someone receives a quote from Escala, we carefully examine each of these factors, until they are tailored to what the client really needs and according to their budget.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a House?

The price per m2 of construction on average ranges from L. 12,000 to L.18,000.

To calculate how much it costs to build a house, you just have to multiply the price of m2 by the construction area.

I know that it is a fairly wide price range, but it really is the most accurate thing that can be offered to you without first making a correct quote.

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I will contact you. We meet to listen to your project. I give you a quote. Do not worry, it is without any commitment on your part.

To Sum Up

Always keep in mind that the price of m2 varies according to many factors, mainly those that I mentioned above, they are the ones that most influence construction costs.