The teeth are the nutrition providers to the skeletal system the functions of chewing, grinding cutting, and tearing as performed by the teeth are based on the kind of diet the organism is used to having. If we keenly observe animals like dogs, cats and wild carnivorous animals have more canines while animals like cows, goats, and other herbivores animals have more incisors in their dental structure the reason being leaves and foliage are to be chewed.

When we look at humans there is an equal balance of both incisors and canines, Darwin’s theory of evolution says that humans evolved from apes, so will it be right to say that our ancestors the monkeys were meat eaters? While research suggests that some species of monkeys like baboons often depended on meat like fish, eggs, and chicks of various birds. But one thing that remained common then and is common in today’s age as well as tooth-related ailments, a few animal wildlife explorers have noticed a few species of monkeys, chewing on cinnamon barks and betel leaves to combat toothaches. Now humans are an evolved version of the same and having the privilege to visit a dentist or even arrange for a home visit by a dentist does not have to worry much about their tooth-related ailments.

“One thing that still tends to bother people is when the dentist suggests a tooth removal. We need to understand that tooth removal is about totally amputating a part of the dental structure that is only recommended after scrutiny by the dentist and a series of medications. “Explained a very well-known celebrity dentist in Ludhiana.

When is a tooth removal surgery recommended?? 

The tooth removal is only and only recommended under the following conditions

  1. Extraction is only recommended when the infection from the tooth has affected the underlying nerve and has even begun to spread to other parts of the dental structure, doctors to save the other teeth from being affected have no other option but to remove the tooth and prevent the underlying nerve from being severely affected. But have we ever bothered about what happens when an infected tooth is not removed from its place?? Have we ever thought about it?
  2. Well if the infected tooth is not removed from its place then the infection will tend to affect the nerves below and also lead to facial paralysis, it can also damage the complete sense of smell and taste in the dental structure

What happens in a tooth removal surgery??

In a tooth removal surgery, the patient is administered local anesthesia to make the tooth extraction easy, the tooth is then loosened using a tooth elevator to ease the tooth out of the gum and make the procedure of extraction easier, but it is important to know that tooth extraction is not only in the cases of tooth decay it can also happen in the case of overcrowding.

Overcrowding as defined by a dentist who has been diagnosing problems at his dental clinic in Bangalore explains “ overcrowding refers to improper positioning of teeth across the gums that may lead to pain during chewing and eating.