What is a solicitor in Australia and what do they do

solicitor is a lawyer who specialises in providing legal advice and represent their clients in legal matters.

They typically work in private practice, although some may also work in-house for companies or organizations.

In order to become a solicitor in Australia, you must first complete a bachelor degree in law from an accredited university.

You will then need to complete a professional legal training course, which is either a graduate diploma in legal practice or a Masters of Legal Practice.

Once you have completed your legal training, you will need to be admitted to practice by a court or the legal profession board in your state or territory.

Solicitors may specialise in a particular area of law, or may refer clients to a specialist Solicitor or brief a Barrister to appear in court on their behalf.

What is the duties of a solicitor in Australia

  • Attending mediation and negotiating settlements
  • Preparing contracts
  • Conducting interviews to understand client needs and take a firm brief.
  • Recommending legal courses of action and executing them on behalf of the client.
  • Investigating and researching claims.
  • Arranging and preparing witnesses and giving notice of court activity.
  • Analysing documents, such as property deeds, property contracts etc
  • Preparing and executing wills or testaments

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