Attestation is the process by which a document is accepted as being genuine. In many countries, Certificate attestation serves as a means to prove that a person has a particular qualification or employment status. This may be done through an attested copy of a diploma or certificate, or by having the original document itself attested.

certificate attestation

Purpose of attestation:
• The purpose of attestation is to make sure that documents are official and true copies of original documents.
• The purpose of attestation is to ensure that the issuing authority can verify a document’s identity and authenticity. The issuing authority must have a valid reason to attest the document, such as when an individual seeks to obtain their passport or certificate of naturalization.
• In order to apply for visa and work permit you need an attestation, etc.
• To pursue higher education in foreign countries attestation is required

Process of attestation
• Notary attestation
• MEA attestation
• Embassy attestation
• MOFA Attestation

Importance of attestation
Attestation is the process of verifying the identity of a person. It is a way to ensure that people, who claim to be someone else, actually are who they say they are. The purpose of attestation is to make sure that the work you’ve done is accurate, and that you’ve been able to do it on your own. Attestation can be used in a variety of situations, from verifying what you’ve written in a paper or report, to checking someone else’s work for mistakes.
Attestation refers to verification that something has been done correctly or was done by someone else who is trusted.

It may refer to:
• The act of attesting something; testifying or swearing under oath as an expert witness in an official proceeding
• The act of certifying a document or other record as authentic (as opposed to fake)
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