Nowadays, everyone needs premium software and tools to run their businesses better in this digital world, but they don’t bear the huge costs. So, they try to get shared tools, same as people buy WHMCS Nulled or WHMCS Shared license.

What is Nulled WHMCS? 
Nulled means creating a premium or licensed software that works fine without requiring any license. Before writing this blog, let me clarify one thing: it is not supported by WHMCS and is created illegally. So, a nulled WHMCS may work fine but is illegal.

Undoubtedly, these types of software tempting reduce costs, but they have modified code, and sometimes malware injected into that results in the inability to provide security associated with web hosting. It can hurt your business, showing that you are not serious about your long-term business success.

Even if you’re not running a vulnerable WHMCS but hosting your website with a hosting provider who is not reliable, you can pose a severe risk. I would recommend you to go with the most reliable hosting provider because it is one of the solid foundation steps of an online business.

Why Not Use Nulled WHMCS?
Using nulled WHCMS reduces the cost, but it can cause you severe security issues, so I will never recommend it to anyone. Following are the main factors to consider before choosing an illegal license.

Business Implications
Generally, a nulled WHMCS is used for business implications, but legitimate businesses don’t do this. It can interrupt your business significantly because WHMCS regularly checks and reports illegal or nulled installations.

Few of the web hosting companies use nulled WHMCS, which also causes their customers who are hosting their websites there may find unable to operate. Whenever WHMCS legal team receives notifications about illegal installations, they take appropriate actions to stop this activity. If a hosting provider is using illegal, they will face downtimes. So, always go with a reliable and well-reputed hosting provider such as creativeON, who uses an official WHMCS license and doesn’t compromise your security.

Security Risks
You can see a modified code in which your usernames, passwords, credit card information, and other confidential data are collected most of the time. So, they can collect your customers’ data and share it with any interested third party without knowing you. Maybe they provide root access to any third party, which can be used for any harmful act. If you go with a fully licensed WHMCS, they regularly provide complete updates to keep the security at its best.

Bad Impact 
Over time, the nulled license becomes more dangerous because they don’t have official releases and updates. Moreover, compatibility with third-party software and their updates, introduction of new country codes or currencies, and other essential features are missing in a nulled WHMCS. However, you are also missing new features updates and quality support by the officials.

For Hosting Customers
When you search for a new web hosting provider, it is essential to ensure whether they are using a purchased WHMCS License or any illegal installation. Go to the website and verify your web hosting provider using the WHMCS domain verification tool.

Enter your hosting provider’s name to check whether the company’s WHMCS software is licensed or not.

Whether you are a web hosting provider, a person, or a business startup, buying a web hosting plan without a WHMCS license can cause serious problems. So, it is highly recommended to go with a valid WHMCS license and choose a hosting provider delivering legal WHMCS.

As discussed earlier in the blog, licensing the software means maintaining security, data protection, regular updates, and developers’ support to get an excellent web hosting experience. At creativeON, buy WHMCS License with instant activation, so get your favorite plan at the lowest prices.