This type of valve is a quarter-turn rotary motion that makes use of cylindrical plugs to end or begin the flow. The shape of the plug contains a passage to pass the flow. In the open positions, the passage here is in tune with the flow. Look at the guide below for details.The plug valve is a type of valve that is utilized in the place of the gate valve where there is faster operation needed. It is used in high-pressure temperature procedures and services.

The parts of the plug valve

Specifically, the plug valve contains the body, bonnet, plug, and stem. The seat is an important part of the body if it is a lubricated plug valve. In the case of the non-lubricated plug valve, the non-metallic seat is utilized to enhance the leak tightness of the valve.

The plug valve disks are round or cylinder in shape and design. They have many other types of port openings, each of them with different degrees of the area of the opening.

The plugs are available with the following ports such as

  • Round port

The round port plug contains the opening in the plug. The designs available reduced and full bore designs. The valves reduced with the ports are utilized only when the restriction of the flow not essential.

  • Rectangular port

The rectangular port is the most commonly used for the plug valve. This port stands in for the 70% of the pipe’s cross-sectional area.

  • Diamond port

This port, as the name suggests, has the diamond-shaped plug. The diamond port is the port type that has venture restricted flow. For throttling services, this design is used industrial valve manufacturer

The different types of plug valves

There are two types of plug valves one is lubricated, and the other is non-lubricated. It contains various kinds of port openings. Have a look at the details about the plug valves for clarity.

  • Lubricated plug valve

This type of plug valve on its middle has a cavity. There is a lubricant chamber down, and there is also the sealant injection place to make sure of the process of easy lubricant supply. The small valve in the injection stops the sealant flow in the opposite direction if it is injected in the cavity. These valves are available in the range of large sizes.

  • Non-lubricated plug valves

The non-metallic elastomeric sleeve is utilized in the type of non-lubricated plug valves. The sleeve is built in the cavity in the valve. Particularly, tapered plug polished acts as the wedge and pushes the sleeve to the body. The non-metallic sleeve decreases the friction in the plug and body of the valve. The non-lubricating plug valves need less maintenance only. But because of the non-metallic seat in the valves, it is not suitable for high-temperature procedures.

The plug valves have a simple design and easy to open and close. The inline maintenance of the plug valves is possible. These are some of the important details of the plug valves.

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