Homebuyers must make a decision on the type of mortgage they want. Although we make it easy to get a mortgage loan, it can be difficult.

This is a list of all current loans.

CONFORMING MORTGAGE loans are also called CONVENTIONAL MORTTGAGE. They are the most popular type of mortgage.

Conventional mortgages have a longer lifespan. This applies only to those who are able to afford the monthly payments.

Fixed-Rate Mortgages are loans where the interest rates are fixed for the entire term of the loan.

A Balloon Mortgage Loan, which is a short term loan from a Mortgage company, , , is available Borrower is subject to some risk

Sub-prime mortgages are still viable and available, despite their recent bad reputation. However, they might not be guaranteed by government.

Refinance mortgages have become extremely popular. Lock them in if they appeal to you.

For financial emergencies like home renovations and college tuition, a fixed-rate second mortgage loan with a fixed interest rate can be a great option. The rate of the second mortgage loan will be higher than that of the original loan.

While a mortgage interest-only mortgage might not be the best choice for you, it may be an appealing option for you. This strategy allows you to make capital gains and use the proceeds to purchase another house.

Reverse mortgages can be obtained by those over 60 who have not yet received a mortgage. This loan product will make the transition much simpler.

It is best to apply for a loan as quickly as possible. Another option is to refinance an existing loan.

Rate lock-in is an important aspect of a mortgage loan application.

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