One of the toughest questions for parents and students alike is when to start preparing for the JEE or IIT-JEE? Does 6th grade right time to start? Is 11th grade being late to start? These questions disturb every IIT-JEE aspirant! As the competition is increasing the time to start in every field is getting earlier and earlier. From sports to studies we keep hearing about aspirants who have started very early in life. So, what is the correct time is to start your IIT-JEE preparation with top iit jee coaching in patna.

Most of the experts now, will advise you to start your IIT-JEE in patna from 9th class itself. This is keeping in consideration the syllabus and course burden. Although 9th is a good time to start but you need to be sure about the career you are choosing. Exploring about the career paths, understanding what it takes to be successful in the chosen career, realising where your interest lies should be the priorities during class 9 or earlier.

It might happen that you develop a liking for another career option once you come to know about it. So, while class 9 is not the time is not to jump blindly but it is also the time to start if you want to be successful in IIT-JEE. You need to start understanding and comprehend the complex concepts which will form the basis of next class.

You will be learning the basics of complex fundamentals starting from class 9, without making your base will confuse you going ahead in class 11th and 12th. A major shift in curriculum takes place when a student moves from 10th to 11th standard. You learn concepts like integration, differentiation etc in 11th standard which forms the basis of IIT-JEE preparation. Starting from class 9th go for exams like Olympiads, NTSE, etc. These exams will strengthen your basics that you will need, to form the base of your IIT-JEE preparation.

Starting after class 11th is too late to start? You might read many articles on the internet or see videos on you tube which will have the success stories of aspirants cracking the JEE exam with a few months of preparation. But let us tell you why it is wrong to get inspired from them – these are exceptional cases and not the norm.  You should appreciate and applaud for aspirants who succeed after studying for shorter duration, but you also need to understand these are cases of exceptional brilliance.

If you start taking IIT-JEE classes after 11th or 12th standard, you will have to opt for crash courses and attend long coaching sessions because the syllabus is massive, and you have just 6 to 12 months until your JEE examination. Now, you may say that you have the second attempt as well. But understand that here you are missing the advantage of having two attempts to crack JEE. Because at the time of the first attempt you were not prepared.

Too much to cover when you start preparing from11th or 12th class. You have boards and internal examinations as well which might have weightage in deciding your rank in JEE. Handling boards, internal exams, practical, and coaching sessions can be too much pressure. It can be difficult to maintain a balance and you may end up not performing up to the mark. Even if you are not able to start in class 9th. Just after class 10th is the right time to start your IIT-JEE preparations. Don’t waste 2/3 months waiting for class 10th results. Start as soon as possible after class 10th and focus on all three subjects – Physics, chemistry, and Mathematics. All three subjects have a huge syllabus of approximately 30 chapters each, which means you have approximately 90 chapters to work upon. You also need to provide time for practicing and revision. We, at edurise INDIA, one of the best institutes for NEET coaching in Patna make it a point to synchronize and plan our study plan in a such a way that you do well in your school as well as in IITJEE. Now, let’s say, you are one or two months late in joining the classes then this could result in rushing up a little and you find it a little difficult to catch-up.  So, we advise you to start your coaching in class 9th or jus one-two weeks after your 10th boards.