Security guards trained to respond in any emergency face many responsibilities and roles. The role of a security guard is to protect your assets from theft and keep the place secured from any kind of emergency.

However, the role of the security guards in certain emergencies is often determined by the employer or clients. In case any emergency takes place, and the quick response to an intruder alarm depends upon the employer’s preference, where the role of a security guard is to call the police and alert everyone or to investigate the main cause of the alarm and alert more about the area or else way based on protocol given by the client.

The security guards one hires should properly understand the basic protective principles and respond to different alarms accordingly.

Some of the preventive measures taken by security guards during an emergency:


One of the essential duties of a security guard is to try to prevent an emergency. While patrolling, security guards should stay alert and keep an eye on securing the property. In the case of fire security, guards in San Diego should visually inspect fire extinguishers, ensuring they haven’t expired or have not even been damaged.

2.Phone Calls

Whatever the emergency faced at the property. Security guards in Sacramento have to ensure to call the respective party after confirming the emergency event. And calling just to some people will not be enough. He is supposed to make more calls.


Event of a fire that takes place in a crowded area like a business center or shopping mall, security guards, include procedures that direct the public to the closest emergency exit. Before, the fire security guard had to ensure no blockings at exits as they were the only way to get the crowd out of danger.

4.Other Roles

Depending on the workplace, security guards might be exposed to harmful and dangerous chemicals if an event like a fire has majority chances at the job site. And thus, it becomes important for security guards to gain proper knowledge in advance of building such potential in case such emergencies occur.

Security guards may encounter emergencies at a worksite. They will need to accurately identify the risk factors associated with fire threats, bomb threats, weapon emergencies, suspicious packages, and explosive devices and learn how to respond appropriately.

The trainer outlines the risk factors a security guard must be familiar with and how to protect individuals and property associated with an assignment (i.e., contain, activate, and evacuate). In addition to emergency responses, the security guards must have an overview of the basic principles of prevention and safety.

Potential roles of a security guard during an emergency

Security guards may be required to fulfil different roles during an emergency. They may have to assist other personnel (including police, fire, and ambulance) or take the lead in responding to the emergency.

Security guards must be able to work alongside other personnel and quickly and accurately understand their role in a given situation. They must recognize when an emergency is beyond the scope of their job specifications and requires additional assistance.