There are many types of Invisalign treatment, but as an Invisalign is an Invisalign, it works the same way no matter where it comes from. The invisible Invisalign aligners in South Pasadena are designed in such a way that they move the teeth into alignment efficiently and discreetly.

The speed of the treatment depends on where the teeth of the patients are now and where they are needed to be moved. It also depends on how dedicated you are to the treatment.

Types of Invisalign

The different types of Invisalign are as follows:

    • Invisalign Full

Invisalign complete is one of the best Invisalign treatments, and it is a complete mouth alignment method where you wear aligners on both the top and the bottom teeth. This Invisalign in Altadena takes about a year to complete and can last for 18 months.

    • Invisalign Lite

It is similar to Invisalign Full, and it lasts for a shorter time as it is focused only on correcting minor problems. This treatment can include mild to moderate spaces, overcrowding, and other alignment problems.

    • Invisalign express

If you have little space and mild relapse from earlier orthodontic treatments, whether the treatment worked or not, in this Invisalign 91106 case, you need to wear five to ten sets of aligners, and it lasts for about three to six months.

Final Words

Depending on your choice and the problems you have, the orthodontist can refer you to any kind of Invisalign aligner in South Pasadena. These aligners can help you give a beautiful smile and hide your braces so that people are unaware of your treatment.

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