Time certainly seems to stand still when you are in love. Why not celebrate the emotion by placing a dazzling engagement ring on her finger? This promise to be by her side will make her happy indeed.

Yes! There are engagement rings available in all shapes and sizes, to say nothing about the cut of diamonds. You want something special. It is time to opt for heart shaped loose diamonds and then create the ring from scratch.

It would be prudent to be aware of the facts before spending a fortune on a loose diamond of unique shape.

Some of the queries that have been bothering you are best- answered by going through the information below: –

What exactly is a heart cut?

Well, not only is the cut fancy but the intricately cut heart-shaped diamond is known as a super fancy cut. Cutting a diamond carefully to resemble a heart takes a lot of expertise. The jeweler must have the required skill and maintain precision while cutting the diamond intricately. The parallel and step-cut facets should be perfectly aligned to convert the diamond into a sparkling one. Polishing a heart-shaped diamond is challenging! You will find it hugely expensive too.

What does the heart shape symbolize?

A heart-shaped diamond is high on symbolism. Presenting heart-shaped loose diamonds or a solitaire ring set with a beautiful heart-cut diamond is reminiscent of handing your heart to her. It speaks of the beautiful emotion that makes the world go around.

How popular is a heart-shaped ring?

Yes! Both heart-cut loose diamonds and heart-shaped engagement ring is popular worldwide. And, it is not merely because of the fancy shape, either. The diamond sparkles brilliantly by reflecting light from every part. It is no wonder that heart-shaped engagement rings are a trend apart, with 89% of engaged couples eager to be seen wearing the heart-cut diamond.

You would be thrilled to know that the pop star Avril Lavigne flaunted a heart-shaped diamond on her ring finger after her engagement. Brittany Furlan got engaged in 2018 and had a heart ring to boast of. Lady Gaga’s iconic heart-shaped ring remains etched in public memory to this day.

Are heart-shaped loose diamonds expensive?

Well, the answer is both yes and no. You may buy a loose diamond by paying 15% to 20% less than a traditional round-cut diamond. However, cutting the diamond in the shape of a heart is difficult; and requires a master craftsman to do it.

You will thus have to spend more for this shape when compared to other fancy shapes. However, people interested in the heart-shaped ring are usually not too bothered by its price.

You are welcome to set the heart-shaped loose diamonds into an engagement ring that becomes an attention grabber when you decide to wear the beautiful diamond as a part of: –

Solitaire ring

The centerpiece of a halo ring

Eternity band

Express your feeling to her with heart-shaped loose diamonds set into a fabulous ring when unable to speak your mind.