The Shih Tzu is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, beloved by people of all ages. With its long, flowing coat and sweet disposition, it’s no wonder that this breed has been a favorite for centuries. But what makes the Shih Tzu so special? Let’s take a look at why this canine companion is so famous.

History and Ancient Royalty

The Shih Tzu was originally bred in China over two thousand years ago as a gift for Chinese emperors. In fact, its name translates to “lion dog” after an ancient Chinese legend about a lion-like creature who protected Buddhist temples from evil spirits. This may explain why the breed was kept as a treasured pet by Chinese royalty for many centuries.

Personality Traits

The Shih Tzu is known for its cheerful, playful personality and loving nature. It loves being around people and gets along great with children and other pets. It’s also incredibly loyal to its family members, making it the perfect companion animal. Plus, their small size make them easy to take with you wherever you go!

Physical Appearance

This breed’s unique physical appearance has also contributed to its fame—its long coat comes in an array of colors including black, white, brown, gray, red and gold; it stands no taller than 12 inches; and it has a flat face with large eyes that make it look like it’s always smiling! All these features combined make this breed one of the cutest dogs around—and definitely worthy of celebrity status!


It’s clear why the Shih Tzu has become so popular—it’s cute, loyal, friendly and full of personality! Whether you’re looking for an affectionate canine companion or just want something fun to show off on Instagram (we won’t tell!), then this is the breed for you. So if you’re looking for your own furry friend who will always be there for you through thick or thin—then look no further than the trusty Shih Tzu!