Purchasing a horse property has many benefits for both the horse and its owner. People who love horses are likely to buy gorgeous horse property. However, it would be best to consider some things before searching for a horse property.


  • Location

You should determine the location of the horse property. Make sure it is close to necessary things, such as hospitals or malls. Many horse properties in Georgia are 15 minutes away from the city hospital. You should also check the navigation around the property. It will help you quickly move in emergencies.


  • Your need

When looking for the Georgia horse properties for sale, identify your needs. Most people buy horse property for riding, while some need a home for their horses.

  • Real estate agent

It would help if you looked for an agent interested in horse riding. They will quickly understand your requirements.


  • Profit it returns

Horse properties in Georgia are excellent long-term investments. The value of your horse property is likely to increase. You can also make a profit by providing horses to others.


  • Its type and size

Generally, the government allows you to keep one horse per 2.5 acres. You should choose the horse form based on how many horses you have.


  • Its structural safety

You should pay attention to the fences and paths of the horse property. You should also make sure the land is not a low-lying zone.


Some of the best horse properties for Sale

You can select among these Georgia horse properties for sale, including:


  • 336 Concord Drive

This 17.91-acre luxurious horse property has an excellent entertainment system. This property includes a 2-level outdoor pool, six full baths, and 4 master bedrooms. This beautiful property is 3 stories high. It has serene fishing ponds.


  • 5875 Henson Road

This horse farm is a newly built horse property. The beautiful residence has three bedrooms and 2 full baths. This 10.54-acre property is perfect for a family with kids and pets. This horse property falls under Hall County. The location of this property is 5875 Henson Road, Gainesville, GA 30506.


  • 2408 Chatsworth Highway

This horse property includes a rustic cottage, house, river, acreage, and workshop. The property also has 2 full baths and 3 bedrooms. You can find the beautiful river after taking a 10-minute walk from this property. This 5.92-acre property is on the 2408 Chatsworth Highway, Calhoun, GA 30701.


  • 608 Evergreen Road NE

This gorgeous property’s address is 608 Evergreen Road NE, Resaca, GA 30735. This 49.89-acre horse property has a garage and a fireplace in the family room. It includes 3 master beds, 2 baths, and a 60 x 40 workshop.


5086 Highway 52

This 12.35-acre property has classic vibes and innovative home features.

This stunning property features a carriage house containing a large equestrian barn and a workshop. The house has 4 full baths and 6 beds. It also includes a great pool area.



Remember these various factors to buy the perfect horse property in Georgia. It will benefit you for years once you get the right horse property.