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No matter when you plan to take family portraits, there is a lot of responsibility involved as well as a lot of stress that goes into the whole process. However, in order to keep the stress level at a bare minimum, there are a few things to consider as you prepare to take family portraits. Once you make these considerations, you will have some of the best fun-filled photos available.

Have A Plan Set

When you want to have family portraits taken, it is a good idea to have a plan set. When planning to have family portraits taken, make sure that the timing is good and that it does not occur while a baby is napping or during a meal. Ensure that the time is while everyone has eaten and is awake.

Have A Time Limit Set

Make sure that the portrait session is not too long so that boredom does not set in. For a large family, have the kids portraits taken first. Make sure that the location for the portrait is ideal so that the lighting, space, and background are what you expect. Also, make sure to plan for a variety of shots that are both posed and candid.

Give Advanced Warning

After you have your family portraits planned, you need to inform all of your family in advance. When you have advised them of when the family portrait will be, you will have an easier time having it all happen as planned. This advanced warning should allow them to come prepared and wear their best clothes while they have their photos taken.

Taking Indoor Portraits

Although indoor portraits can be tricky, they are not impossible to accomplish. When the timing, lighting, and exposure are good, you are able to achieve some fantastic shots of the family. Ensure that the lighting is as natural as possible and that the background is able to maintain focus on the family.

Taking Outdoor Portraits

The key to taking the best outdoor family portraits is considering the time of day. By incorporating the natural sunlight and the background, you are able to provide a nice amount of sunshine that will make your family portrait glow. Ensure that the time is sunny and with low light and exposure to subject expressions is less.

Monitor The Speed Of The Shutter

Although nobody likes blurry photos, they can be avoided when you monitor the speed of the shutter. Ensure that the shutter speed is twice as much as the focal length. So if your shot is 200mm, make sure that the speed is 400 for the shutter.

Incorporate Holiday Lighting

When the holidays come around, you can include the fairy lighting and Christmas tree to capture great portraits. The background will create an enchanting scene that will create the most memorable holiday memory. So go ahead and incorporate some boldness while you incorporate the festive lights.

Mix In Some Fun

When you mix in some fun, the family portraits can be beyond expectations. The fun that you create can result in natural smiles and endless laughs. By having portraits that express a lot of fun moments, the experience can become extremely interesting. You can easily tell jokes and enhance personalities, and discover various ways to manage babies who are difficult or toddlers who refuse to cooperate. When you see the portrait results, you will be glad that you added some fun.

Select Burst Mode Of The Camera

If you decide to take candid portraits, you should not expect everything to be perfect with the shots. Capturing the perfect moment will not always be possible and the perfect moment comes after the fact. In order to always get a great shot, select burst mode so that you have the best possibility to capture great portrait shots.


After you take the above considerations and after the family portraits are all obtained and appear as you expect, you should have them developed for you to share by sending to other family members. You can also develop photo books that can be reflected upon during family get-togethers.