The most commonly cited reason for vehicle breakdown in the middle of the road is an accident. But a sudden halt can also be due to a dead battery. In this post, we have listed the telltale signals of your battery failure and how can you save yourself from such emergencies.

Signals that your battery is about to die or is dead

1. The car does not respond to ignition.

If your car doesn’t start when you turn on the ignition, the starter motor is not getting power; it is a sure shot sign of a dead battery.

2. The starter motor starts, but the engine doesn’t start

Sometimes, the starter motor cranks slowly, but the engine does not get started. It is a signal of battery failure.

3. If your engine stutters

Harsh weather conditions reduce the car’s battery performance, so starting the engine might take some time. However, if the weather is not frigid and your engine stutters, it can be due to a weak battery.

4. The engine stops suddenly

Sometimes, the car starts, but the engine cranks down instead of running. A battery change is required to turn on the engine in this case.

How can you prevent this from happening?

A multitude of factors can cause battery failure like

  • If you leave your car headlights on
  • When you drive on a rough terrain
  • Faulty battery

How do you know the battery is not working? 

Start the vehicle in neutral; it will help you to know whether the car is in a working condition or not. If the engine doesn’t start or show off the signals mentioned above, the chances are that your car battery needs a replacement.

Who can help you replace a dead car battery on a blind spot?

Fret not; many roadside battery replacement companies have mushroomed up to assist you. You need to place a call to them and tell them the clear situation. The roadside battery replacement company will come there to tow your vehicle to the nearest repair shop or come with a mechanic to replace the battery and start the engine.

However, not all companies providing Roadside Battery Replacement in Victoria provide such services. Call them and ask about it.

What can you do to avoid the vehicle wreckage?

While a dead battery is a common situation, certain preventive measures can help prevent the battery from dying. For example,

  • You should not park the car in a heated spot because it drains the battery.
  • You should drive the car regularly to keep its system in place
  • Keep your car battery clean
  • Do not forget to turn off the headlights
  • Do not listen to the music in the car for too long
  • Do not turn on the car’s heater for a long time


The dead battery can become a deadly scenario when there is no one to help. The best solution is to call a roadside battery replacement company in Victoria to avoid further car damage.

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