iPhone is the most loved possession for many people in the world. What happens if you just drop it accidentally and the screen of it gets broken? You will feel shocked and sad. You won’t be able to decide for a few moments what to do next. If you are the one who has ended up in this situation or want to prepare yourself for the worst, you have come up at the right place. We will tell you about the things to do when your iPhone screen gets cracked. Let’s start.

Stay safe – The moment your iPhone screen cracks, multiple pieces of sharp glass starts poking out. You do not want to cut your hand with these glass pieces and end up in an emergency room, right? So, stay safe with the glass pieces if your screen is broken.  If the screen is completely shattered, cover the screen with clear packing tape.  

Assess the damage – The next step is to determine the extent of the damage. Is there a single crack on the screen or multiple cracks? Or if it is completely shattered? If there is minor damage, you can go to the nearest apple store and see whether it can be handled. Let us tell you that Apple does not help you cover physical damage to the iPhones. You need to find the right service center and then find the solution. 

Get it repaired – Many stores nowadays provide the service of screen replacement. For instance – iPhone 13 Screen Replacements. So, take your phone to these stores and get your phone repaired. 

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