Are you thinking of hiring a professional moving company? Hiring professional movers is a good idea if you’re doing a big move or don’t have much experience in moving. It is essential that you are aware of what to look for when choosing a moving company to ensure that you have the best possible experience and avoid scams.

Do You  Need Professional Movers?

A Licensed Moving Company: It’s important to remember that anyone can buy a truck and start a moving business. A moving company’s license does not necessarily mean that they are licensed.

Scams: Although moving scams are very rare, they still exist. Ask for the details of your quote when you get it. It is possible that the quote sounds too good to be true or if something seems off.

Recommendations: Asking for recommendations from friends and family is the best way to avoid falling prey to scammers. Ask your friends and family who have dealt with moving companies in the past about their experiences.

Read Reviews: Before you book a moving company, ask for referrals. One person’s experience with a company doesn’t necessarily mean that all others had a positive experience.

A Comprehensible Price: If you receive a quote from a mover, remember that it is only the base rate. You may need to pay more depending on how your move is going. There may be additional fees if you have heavy or very large items. Moving to or from high-rise apartments is also a possibility. Moving companies charge more for workers who have to use stairs or lifts. You will have to pay more if you rent supplies from your moving company.

A Company That Has A Customer Service Team: Although you won’t have to use it, your team must do. The customer support team is there to help you if something goes wrong.

Before you move your furniture overseas, it is important to find a permanent home or to test it before investing in a costly international move. It can be difficult to downsize when you are moving into a new house. Instead, it is easier to store your furniture so that you can make decisions later. It is common for home movers these days to move their furniture to storage while they renovate a property. This is often the safest place to store it.

Ezstorit helps you if any of these sound like you, or if you need to store furniture for another reason. These tips will help you with your furniture removal and storage

Package Your Items

Your items should be kept safe. It is crucial to pack your items correctly when storing them. If you plan on keeping your items for a long time, it is important to pack them properly.

Here Are Some Top Tips For Packaging Your Products:

Use The Correct Boxes

You will typically need one large box to hold four small boxes. For heavier items, such as books, plates, and glasses, you can use the smaller boxes; large boxes are for lighter items, like pictures, bedding, and clothes.

Don’t Overload

Your boxes should not be heavier than you can lift. You can mix it up by adding cushions to book boxes or tea towels to plates boxes if a box feels too heavy.


You don’t want to make the common mistake and not label your storage unit. This can lead to endless hours of searching for items, unpacking them, and re-stacking them. It’s best to organize your belongings if you leave them for a long time. You should also add ‘this is how you go’ arrows to avoid having your possessions damaged or broken when you move them around.

Tape Matters

You won’t understand the frustration of purchasing poor tape until you have to pack your house and your tape is ripping. Quality tape is essential! You can prevent your items from being separated from the rest of your belongings, and you will reduce waste.

Hang It Up

Your good clothes are not something you would keep in a pile at your home. So why put them in a box? Hanging wardrobe boxes are a great option. Hanging wardrobe boxes allow clothes to breathe and keep them from getting damp and dirty. To keep potential insects away, it is a good idea to use mothballs or cedar chips.

Keep Things Off The Ground!

Rule one is to keep your soft furnishings off the ground. Wood and cardboard can survive on the ground, but mattresses and soft furnishings should not come in direct contact with them.

Prepare For The Future Weather.

It is essential to store any items that you might need to access near the front of your unit. The weather and temperature will probably change if you store for longer than six months. You should keep winter clothes close to your unit if you are storing them in the middle or end of summer. If it’s winter, the same applies.