Whether it’s an auto accident, slip and fall case, or medical malpractice claim, injured people often believe in either letting the insurance company handle it or going to court. Whereas this is somewhat people do not realize that injured victims have a lot more control over the process. However, tackling legal action isn’t always an easy option when you have been going through a serious injury.


If you have been injured regardless of the reason behind the event, you can take help from a lawyer. The lawyer will help you to get the compensation that you need to pay your bills and other losses you are suffering from. Hiring the South Florida Personal Injury Lawyer is the perfect choice to deal with personal injury claims.

What’s the personal injury claims process?

The personal injury claims seem complicated but in actuality, it doesn’t. Read this guide that will be helpful to learn all the stages of a personal injury claim.

After you have suffered from personal injury and agreed to take on the claim the following stages need to follow.

Workout who was responsible: It is the first stage of a personal injury claim need to work out who’s responsible for your injuries. Therefore, the action will take against and it isn’t always the expected person who is the real responsible, or we may end up with someone unexpected.

The responsible suspected could be:

  • Driver, Motorcyclist – auto accident claims.
  • Employer, Manager – workplace accident
  • Restaurant or cafe owners – food poisoning claims
  • Product Manufacturer – Product liability claims
  • Ministry of Defence – military injury claims
  • Doctor, nurse, or healthcare employee – medical malpractice claims
  1. Gather Evidence: Help your lawyer by describing everything that happened to you. You can tell about when and where it happened, how it happened who you think is responsible. If you can take photos at the time of the incident that will help too. Even, you can contact nearby located shops and homes to get CCTV footage for evidence.
  2. Assess your injuries: If you will give evidence of your injuries and what is the impact of the injury on your life, it will work as a strong proof for the justification of your validations. What things you can include
  • Photos of visible injuries like bruises, cuts, and scars.
  • Medical Assessment report of your injury from the expert.
  • Find out the long-term effects of your injuries. 
  1. Review Recovery: The recovery progress can affect your claim before settling. It may need a second medical assessment and experts need to contact the charge of the healthcare centre and know its opinions about your recovery process. It will help to fine-tune the recommendations and make sure the evidence shown in court is as accurate as possible.
  2. Work out compensation amount: Once you have received the needed evidence, the lawyers are ready to work out how much compensation you deserve. The things that are taken into account are given below:
  • Injuries, pain, and suffering.
  • Cost of medical treatments or rehabilitation.
  • Travelling costs from the hospital to your home.
  • Lost wages, if you are not able to go to work due to an accident.
  • Adaptive equipment like prosthetics and wheelchairs.
  • Cost of moving to a more accessible home.
  • Care costs wither by hiring a professional caretaker or compensating a family member.
  • Items get damaged such as clothes, cars, bikes, and others.
  1. Reach a settlement: After deciding the compensation amount, here is the role of the lawyer to settle a final word with the person you are claiming against. The third-party person may suggest a settlement amount in an offer, but your lawyer might make their own offer. There is a situation that can happen where negotiation happens multiple times. 

Your attorney will do all communication and negotiation on your behalf. The offer acceptance will completely depend on you or you can take advice and support from a lawyer. 

  1. Compensation Payment: After accepting the offer or the court decision, the final stage is how you will get compensation payment. Usually, you get one single payment after claims end. Sometimes, the court will order you to get compensation in monthly or yearly instalments. The compensation will be directly paid to you in your name most of the time. In some cases, money will be paid to a special account when you don’t able to manage your financial affairs due to reduced mental capacity. 

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