A toothache is a common dental condition that is of no major concern in most cases. It is usually a sign of a minor tooth injury or sensitivity. In most cases, such a condition is not something to worry about because it usually subsides over time. 

However, if your toothache fails to abate with a painkiller or continues to worsen, it may be a warning sign. This is usually indicative of an underlying issue that requires immediate dental care. 

If you find that your pain does not go away after a week, you must visit a dental professional near you immediately. No matter the severity of the pain, persisting pain is always a sign of concern. Visit an emergency dentist in Bradford if your toothache is worsening. 

A Toothache Can Be An Emergency:

It is important to distinguish a regular toothache from a toothache that is a dental emergency. This way you can get your teeth examined at the right time. 

Here are some warning signs of a toothache that stipulate that you need to visit a dentist. 

  • Unwavering Pain:

As mentioned above, a toothache that does not go away is a sign of concern. You can try taking an over-the-counter drug to help with the pain, but if it keeps coming back, you may want to head to your nearest dentist. 

Sometimes, the shooting pain may be due to a wisdom tooth coming out or a mildly compressed nerve, but in other instances, it can lead to more serious consequences. That is why, it is best to get yourself examined, so the underlying issue is diagnosed and treated before it worsens. 

  • Pain Not Subsiding With OTC Drugs:

If you have taken painkillers to control the pain, but it does not seem to die down, it may be due to a nerve injury or a problem in the blood supply to that tooth. Apply a cold compress to the area and head to the hospital to see a doctor. The doctor will assess the problem and find a solution for your persisting pain. 

  • Painful Jaw:

If the toothache is followed by severe jaw pain, you may have temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Another common cause of jaw pain is a wisdom tooth emergence, which will only cause short-term discomfort. However, you must have your pain assessed to ensure joint misalignment or infection related to wisdom tooth impaction. 

  • Difficulty Eating:

When a toothache turns so severe that it meddles with your eating habits, it is time to see a doctor. You can not skip your meals because of tooth pain for too long. Therefore, it is best to have the issue resolved to avoid compromising your health.

No one likes to stop enjoying their favorite foods and drinks because of an uncomfortable tooth sensation. If you end up with a shooting pain upon biting something, it may be a symptom of an underlying infection. Additionally, if you notice increased sensitivity and find it difficult to have even slightly cold and warm foods, it may be a warning sign as well. 

  • Abscess Formation:

A toothache can turn into an infection, and create a pus-filled cavity inside your mouth. This cavity can burst and cause a smelly, salty liquid to seep out, which, if ingested, can have harmful consequences. 

An abscess is a concerning dental issue in most cases, and should be drained by an authorized medical professional as soon as possible. The dentist will remove the pus, clean the cavity, and might even give antibiotics to avoid the recurrence of the infection. As the bacterial growth subsides, the toothache will also be eliminated. 

  • Sudden Intermittent Sensitivity:

If you are faced with a sudden jolting pain in your teeth after having something cold or hot, it may be suggesting gum recession or degenerating enamel. This can also occur if you have a cavity, fracture, or abscess in your teeth. Therefore, it is imperative to see a dentist in such a situation, so you can have your oral issues diagnosed. 

Here are some situations when a toothache can be a warning sign, and may require immediate assessment. If you are facing any of the following, get in touch with a medical practitioner. At Emerdency, you can easily fix an appointment with a qualified and experienced emergency dentist in Bolton. The process is super quick and easy, so people can have access to dental services on an urgent basis.