Best heavy duty storage rack manufacturers

Heavy duty storage racks are primarily used in warehouses for the mass storage of goods and products. The racks are basically the backbone of the warehousing industry. For this reason, warehouse owners require robust, well-designed racks that can take a lot of load without breaking.

These racks should be able to accommodate a huge variety of goods and products such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, electronic equipment, personal care products, metals, timber, and so much more.

There are many varieties of racking systems and solutions, and the ideal one depends on your specific needs and the right storage rack manufacturers which can provide it. Read on to find everything you need to know about warehouse racking systems.

The different types of rackings:

The well-known and popular racking systems are pallet racking and cantilever racking system. These are designed to be the go-to designs for warehouse racking.

Let us get into the details of these rackings systems:

Pallet rackings:

Pallet rackings are the common type of mass-storage solution for warehouses. “Pallet racking” refers to the racking and shelving system designed to be used together with forklifts. This design makes it easier for forklifts to pick, carry and transport goods stored on them across the warehouse as well as load and unload them on trucks/delivery vehicles. 

There are several varieties and sizes of pallet rackings, and these racks are found outside of warehouses as well, such as departmental stores and retail centres. 

The advantages of pallet racks:


  • Optimises warehouse space: Pallet racks have a vertical storage design and can be placed very close to each other so long as there is a proper retrieval system in place. 


  • Improves warehouse safety: It is crucial that a warehouse is safe for the workforce. Unsuited racking and shelving can cause injuries that can negatively affect productivity and overall business operations. Heavy-duty pallet racks are designed to be safe and adhere to employee safety guidelines.



Cantilever racking system

Cantilever racking storage systems are designed to accommodate long, cumbersome, or weighty goods and materials. Unlike pallet racks, cantilever racks have no vertical barrier in the storage area.


Cantilever racks are primarily used for storing building materials such as lumber, carpet, aluminium sheets, tubing, piping, doors, flake boards, electrical harness and many more objects that do not generally fit in pallet racks.


Advantages of Cantilever racking storage:


  • Can fit a variety of long objects: Cantilever racking systems can be customised to fit pretty much any length and weight.


  • Linear open storage: Cantilever racking systems do not have vertical uprights or breaks in the storage level, allowing for better upright storage space.


  • High weight capacity: A significant amount of weight loads can be put on cantilever racks. However, it is important to buy these racks from a company with a lot of experience as a heavy-duty rack manufacturer.


What other storage solutions are there?

With advancing technology and innovation, the warehouse industry is also changing. There are many new innovative machines being used in the warehousing industry, such as the highly useful Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS).

AS/RS simplifies high-density storage with a high level of accuracy. AS/RS can be custom designed to suit the specific requirements of your warehouse. AS/RS have a dynamic support system, gripping systems and mini load box drawer systems. AS/RS can access areas which humans or forklifts cannot get into. The entire storage and retrieval become much simpler and more efficient for warehouses equipped with AS/RS.


So which company will be the best for all of these warehouse needs?

Coming to the original question: Which are the best heavy-duty storage rack manufacturers in India?

A company that can deliver the right racks tailored to your needs is the company that you need to go for. Armes Maini is the collaborative effort between the Ferretto group of Italy and the Maini group of India. The company is based in Bangalore and is a leading heavy-duty rack manufacturer.

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