Noida has emerged out to be a huge destination of education sector. Every year, schools building up ad adapting to introduce new facilities and amenities, parents are finding it difficult to stick to one as every school has its advantages in every way, which makes it a little identify which is the best school in Greater Noida. If you are a parent and struggling from the same, read on the blog below to know about the school 

The base of education builds up from the school itself. The major reason why parents prefer providing their children the quality education from a reputed CBSE school is because of the creatively designed CBSE curriculum and exceptional facilities it provides to its children. If you are also unsure about which school to look out for your child, you can give a hit to Pacific World School, the best school in Greater Noida. 

The renowned Pacific World School, is not just a good and preferred education institution for many parents but also a place which is dedicatedly focused towards bringing out the best in every student. 

The school offers k-12 education on its 10-acre campus. It provides all modern facilities on its grand and impressive campus to ensure that all students acquire knowledge, learn new skills, and become better individuals. The school believes that ‘Now’ is the right time to invest in your child’s education and enroll in Pacific World School to let them gain access to the best education with adequate facilities.  

Why every parent should consider Pacific World School?  

  • World-Class Infrastructure – The lush green campus houses a spacious ground, large white building reflecting the beautiful colors of the school, Microsoft abled, air-conditioned classrooms, a well-stocked library, modern labs, a nutritious cafeteria, an aesthetic auditorium, multi-purpose hall, amphitheater.  
  • CBSE Curriculum – The school follows CBSE curriculum, curated keeping in mind the focus towards the overall development of the children. Thus, the school makes sure that the syllabus and the books followed by NCERT are designed for the ease of students coming from diverse backgrounds.  
  • Exceptional Sports Facilities – The school understands the importance of physical development. Therefore, it has made it mandatory for the students from grade 1 onwards to opt for sports coaching where they can choose any sports of their choice.  
  • Teaching Faculty – The teaching faculty at Pacific World School is determined and compassionate towards every student of the school. They maintain a healthy ratio of 1:15, offering a conducive and positive learning experience to every student.  
  • Fee Structure – The best part about enrolling your child in Pacific World School is that it offers siblings 50% discount on the admission. Parents who are thinking of enrolling their children here, can check the school’s website for fee structure.  
  • Stringent Safety Measures – The school takes care of its children with utmost care by keeping the entire school equipped with CCTV cameras and GPS-enabled school buses. It also has trained medical staff which is available 24*7 for future emergencies. The kids are accompanied with one teacher and caretaker at the time they enter and exit from school.  
  • Supportive Management – The school has a well-supportive and focus driven management which is well-educated and trained in making wise decisions about the institution for the good of teachers, students and the school.  

It’s parents’ responsibility to ensure that their decision is made upon strong opinions as this will reflect their child’s future throughout. A good school will reflect upon its features on your child making him an independent, creative and confident individual in his own way. Choose wisely and enroll your child in the best school in Greater Noida