Samsung and Apple are two of the biggest competitors in the smartphone industry. Samsung, with its legendary Galaxy series, and Apple, with its iPhone, have released era-defining phones. These phones meet some of the highest industry standards. 


This article discusses which company produces phones that require more maintenance than the other. 


We’ll compare the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, the two best phones from each company, to make sure the competition is fair. 




To compare, we will use different abilities and conditions the phones can withstand. To start with the comparison, we can see that both phones are extremely durable in a short water submission test. This is because both of these phones are rated IP-68 resistance, so they have nearly identical levels of water and dust resistance. 




Regarding the software, we believe the iPhone is easier to maintain than previous generations. The software on the iPhone for sale gets updated more often and to the latest version more often than on Samsung phones. This keeps the phone’s software in good shape. 




Regarding the screens of the phones, both of them use different kinds of durable glass. Apple uses the Apple Ceramic Shield, while Samsung uses the Gorilla Glass Victus+. According to the results of some tests, the Apple iPhone 14 was the more durable phone, as it was more resistant to falls and did not shatter as easily as the Samsung phone. This makes it easier to keep the iPhone in perfect condition if it falls by accident. 


Costs and components


Next comes the cost of maintenance for different components. We start with Samsung, which charges a whopping $289 for fixing the screen, a very high cost. This cost can be reduced to just $50  if the user invests in their insurance plan. Whereas with Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max, the estimated price generated by their website is $380, almost a hundred dollars more than Samsung’s.


If the back of your Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is damaged, the estimated charges come out to be about $550. Furthermore, if you need to get your rear camera fixed for the iPhone, that takes $220 out of your wallet. Apple also provides help to replace or repair the battery for $99.


However, having the Apple Care plan would reduce all these charges significantly; for example, if both the front and the back of your device are damaged, they get repaired for just $58, and if your battery is damaged, it can get replaced for free. Similarly, Samsung Care+ offers you a cheaper alternative to fixing all the problems that come with your phone. Therefore, it allows you to maintain your phone in perfect condition at a much cheaper rate. 



We believe both phones are easy to maintain when taken care of properly, but if there’s something in the list that you believe appeals more to you, we encourage you to choose that! offers all sorts of devices and services to choose from if you’re looking for phone repair Woodlands services.