When Mughals were the royalties of India, Anarkali suits were introduced in the fashion market of India. They are a form of Shalwar Kameez worn by women of South Asia, the elegance and flair of this dress made a prominent place in Indian ethnic clothing.

The frock-style long top with a slim fit bottom; this combination is known as the Anarkali set. Nowadays, one can discover a variety of designs and styles of Anarkali sets that can be the perfect and comfortable choice of attire for various types of events, whether small or big.

In India, sarees and Anarkali sets are the go-to ethnic clothing option for females, one can find sober to extravagant styles of Anarkali to match different types of occasions. They are really versatile and could be worn with comfort throughout the day.

With Anarkali set, one can easily create a striking appearance in a budget-friendly way. From flowy silhouettes to stunning flared styles, an Anarkali suit set can be the perfect attire to wear with comfort while creating a captivating look.

One can easily find a variety of diverse Anarkali sets that can match the vibe of the occasion flawlessly.

Here are some trending styles of Anarkali Sets that can glam up your ethnic game like a diva:

Kali Flair Anarkali Set

The main feature of Anarkali sets is their enticing flares below the waist. Kali translates to flower in Hindi, that is why the flair of such Anarkali is fuller than the standard design of Anarkali sets. It has numerous plates, which gives it a cinderella gown look. Such Anarkali set in cotton fabric looks the best while keeping you comfortable throughout the day, One can find decent to extravagant patterns on kali flair Anarkali. They are the perfect ethnic office wear for people who like to keep it simple yet captivating.

Floor-Length Anarkali Set

The glorious look of floor-length Anarkali sets is perfect to create a luxurious look that feels comfortable. Floor-length Anarkali sets are the most comfortable clothing option that will offer you a majestic look. Floor-length Anarkali sets give off a luxurious vibe that could be a great clothing choice for occasions like weddings and receptions. In India, floor-length Anarkali sets are the most popular among Indians because of their gown like structure.

Angrakha Anarkali Set

Angrakha typically means a body protector, this style of Anarkali set is the edgiest among other styles. It has a robe on the outer side that does not tighten your dress but is a style factor of the design with long sleeves.

This style of Anarkali suit is popular among young girls because it gives out a sleek tidy look. One can find alluring patterns of this style of Anarkali that are elegant and comfortable enough for daily purposes. It is one of the most decent styles of Anarkali for those who love to keep it edgy and sleek.

Chikankari Anarkali Set

Chikankari work is one of the trendiest thread work on multiple ethnic and western attires. It is the best-known decoration thread style from Lucknow, the fine embroidery escalates the value and charm of the Anarkali set to a whole different level. One can find distinctive styles of Chikankari Anarkali sets, that are not flashy but looks glamorous because of the fine embroidery. The intensive labour input makes it an expensive choice of Anarkali, perfect for grand occasions. If you are someone, who wants to buy an exquisite Anarkali without looking too shimmery or overdone, go for Chikankari embroidery Anarkali sets.

Gota Work Anarkali Set

The gotta Patti or Gota work is a famous Indian style of embroidery which is originated in Rajasthan, India. Pieces of zari ribbon are sewed down of the edges of the fabric to give it a luxurious look without making the attire heavy. This artwork looks great on any type of clothing, especially on kurta and Anarkali sets. There used to be a time when only the royalties of Rajasthan were capable enough to afford gotta Patti embroidery on their clothing. This is another banger style to have in your Anarkali set which will give you a rich looking outfit that feels comfortable, unlike other heavy work embroideries.

Discover interesting patterns and styles of Anarkali sets to create a distinctive look for yourself that feels comfortable and be flexible enough to not restrain your movements in any possible way. Buy Anarkali sets online to widen up selection and choose something that screams your personality.