If you’re looking for a new POS system for your small business, a cloud POS system may be the perfect solution. Cloud POS systems are faster, more secure, and able to track more data than their predecessors. Plus, they run on virtually any device, which is especially beneficial for small businesses that don’t want to invest in an expensive computer and software package. Here are some reasons why a cloud POS system is the best choice for your business.

Lightspeed’s Vend

Lightspeed POS, a provider of cloud-based omnichannel commerce platforms, has agreed to acquire cloud retail management software firm Vend. The deal will allow Lightspeed to leverage Vend’s complementary technology stack and user experience capabilities to deliver advanced commerce capabilities to its global client base. It will also expand the company’s footprint in Asia-Pacific and add a new service to its Vend Cloud POS platform – the Lightspeed Vend Supplier Network.

Among Vend’s strengths is its custom report functionality, which gives users more control over reports. They can set sales targets and track employee performance, as well as monitor weekly sales. In addition, end-of-day reports are automatically sent to employees, which is particularly convenient. While Vend offers advanced reports, they are limited in comparison to other cloud POS systems. For this reason, it may be better to look for another solution, preferably one with more features.

Vend by Lightspeed does not offer its own payment processing system, but it does integrate with a number of third-party payment processors, including Square, PayPal, Worldpay, Chase, and more. Vend does not charge any transaction fees, and you can use the software on a Mac or Windows computer using an internet browser. The mobile app for Vend works only with iPad devices, and it requires a hardware kit that includes a receipt printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner.


If you’re looking for a good cloud POS solution, ConnectPOS is your best choice. Cloud-based POS systems are a growing trend for small business owners, as they offer a host of advantages, including a free 15-day trial, a PCI-compliant network, and automatic updates in real time. However, there are a few things you should know before you decide to use a cloud-based system.

Cloud-based POS systems rely heavily on a strong internet connection, so you need to be careful not to lose the connection. Some POS apps allow you to work offline and sync with the server once you’re back online. An effective cloud-based POS should allow you to set up Offline Mode during an outage to minimize interruptions and avoid future problems. The offline mode will save your data during an outage and automatically update it when the internet is back. Offline mode will also ensure that you don’t lose any transactions, and give you greater control over your activities.

ConnectPOS supports multi-store management. With it, you can create separate stores for different products, assign a warehouse to each location, and customize receipts for each store. It also offers insightful reports, including shift reports and advanced sales reports, which help you understand the performance of your business. When it’s time to sell something, you can easily access your POS data via a secure web interface. In addition, ConnectPOS supports iOS and Android devices, and offers both web-based POS and iOS-based POS.

Lightspeed’s POS+

As a new customer, Lightspeed’s cloud POS+ software can be overwhelming. Lightspeed’s onboarding process offers one-on-one assistance, as well as 24/7 technical support. Its extensive support center includes online video tutorials, guides, webinars, and a community forum. It also offers free onboarding training sessions for all new users. However, Lightspeed’s customer support center is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Still, it has a B+ rating.

With Lightspeed’s POS+, you’ll be able to track staff KPIs, such as customer satisfaction scores, and identify employees who need additional training. This insight will help you maintain a healthy staff and ensure your business remains profitable. Lightspeed is compatible with several accounting systems, including Quickbooks. It also offers a comprehensive eCommerce solution that makes it easy to integrate with other software and systems. And, if you’d like to buy a hardware kit for your iPads, Lightspeed can provide you with that as well.

Lightspeed is a good option for retailers who operate multiple locations. Its robust inventory management system allows you to track inventory at multiple locations. It also works well for restaurants and golf courses. However, Lightspeed’s pricing may be too expensive for new retail stores. You’ll have to sign an annual contract to get the lowest prices. You may not be able to afford Lightspeed’s cloud POS+ if your retail store is brand new.