You’ve probably heard of shaker cabinets if you’ve ever bought cabinetry for your bathroom or kitchen. But what is a shaker cabinet, exactly? From history to evolution, we cover all you need to know about Shaker Cabinets. We’ll also explain how it earned its name and how to put it to use in your kitchen.

Shaker Cabinets: What Are They?

Shaker cabinets are simple but attractive items in the cabinetry market. Shaker cabinet doors have recessed panel doors with basic and clean inner and outside borders, as well as cope-and-stick construction. This means that the horizontal rails meet the vertical stiles at 90 degrees to form the frame.

They are frequently done in light colours and have simple hardware. When installed in a kitchen or bathroom, this cabinet style is noted for its minimalistic appearance.

Is the Shaker cabinet style still popular?

Shaker cabinets must be on their way out after all these years? Surprisingly, this cabinetry style has stood the test of time and can be found in many homes throughout the world. Despite being classified as a classic style, it has effectively evolved. With the increased use of the internet and social media, there’s been a resurgence of interest in Shaker Kitchen Cabinet, particularly for kitchens and bathrooms.

Shaker cabinets are a popular style nowadays that can complement any home. Shaker cabinets are still a popular choice for designs ranging from farmhouse to conventional to even more transitional rooms, depending just on the finishing touches you select.

How to Use Shaker Cabinets in a Different Way

Although shaker cabinets are classic, they are also adaptable. Shaker cabinets may give simple elegance to any kitchen, regardless of style or décor. Here are some creative ways to incorporate shaker cabinets into your kitchen:

Opt For Two-Tone: Choose two-toned cabinets for a modern, sleek look in your kitchen. Shaker cabinets in dark green or navy for the lower cabinets and white or even glass face cabinets for the upper cabinets will complete your kitchen.

Insert Beadboard Panels: You’ll adore adding headboard inlays to your shaker cabinets if you like the modern farmhouse look. This design will give your kitchen a warm, welcoming feel. The Camden cabinet door has beadboard panels and is Shaker-style.

Add Some Paint: Painting your shaker cabinets will take them to the next level and add flair to your kitchen. Color will give your cabinets a modern look and feel, whether it’s a brilliant yellow or pastel pink.

Add Chrome Hardware: The shaker community was recognized for its basic hardware and straightforward design. Add basic hardware to your shaker cabinets, such as sleek chrome or simple wood, to keep with tradition.

Go White: White shaker cabinets in your kitchen will provide the impression of a larger, lighter room. This classic design is suitable for any kitchen and may be used in practically any space.

Create A Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen: Clean lines, a cool colour scheme, and perfect functionality are all hallmarks of Scandinavian design. Choose steel grey shaker cabinets with gunmetal hardware to achieve this appearance in your kitchen.