As housing societies go, Blue World City Islamabad has to be one of the most affordable and convenient in the city, boasting affordable prices and impressive facilities that rival those of more expensive places. But it’s not just the low cost of living that makes this society stand out from its peers; it’s also the location and modern amenities that will impress potential buyers as well as renters looking for an attractive home near Islamabad’s prime locations.


Redefining Low Cost

At Rs.50,000 per square yard, homes at Blue World City are some of Pakistan’s most affordable. When you consider that a plot of land is often worth two or three times as much as an actual home (due to high real estate prices), these homes can be purchased with just 10% down. The remaining 90% will then be repaid through instalments at an interest rate of 9%. While monthly instalments can seem burdensome, once you consider what percentage you pay for rent each month—which is often higher than your mortgage payment—owning a home may actually save you money.


Easy Rent Income Generation

No doubt you want a high ROI on your property, but renting it out can be almost as profitable. Some entrepreneurs are able to get more than 10% annual return on investment when they lease their property out. Of course, it’s worth taking into account that you won’t have control over how tenants use or maintain your property, and if you need access for any reason, like for repairs or for inspection, you may have to schedule it. But still…if you don’t plan on moving back in anytime soon, leasing is an excellent way to earn additional income from your existing real estate. You could even choose to do both—rent and sell—depending on market conditions at the time of your departure from Pakistan.


Unexpected Financial Benefits

Investing in a piece of real estate can be exciting. However, not many people think about how much more money they’ll save by choosing to invest rather than to rent. If you’re ready to buy a home, but you have bad credit or have no down payment, investing in one of our low-cost homes could be your best option. Our properties are reasonably priced and our easy financing options means anyone can make monthly payments comfortably. It only takes a small monthly payment to pay off your loan and gain ownership of your property. And unlike renting, when you own your own home you don’t have to worry about paying exorbitant lease renewal fees every time your lease expires.


Capped Costs

Most of us dream of building a home and finally residing happily, but such dreams aren’t possible until you own enough capital to begin investing. With most housing societies, a person is required to have a higher net worth (or income) before being eligible for membership. However, at Blue World City, we believe that everyone should be able to buy a house — even if they can’t pay top-dollar. That’s why our pricing is based on affordability instead of market value. As an example, our homes are priced at 10% below average market value so you can start your dream life sooner rather than later!


A Turnkey Investment Approach

From purchasing to completion, every aspect of your investment will be handled by us. This means there are no extra charges for any of our services. Once we have received your down payment, you will be granted a full access card to view all available properties and floor plans that are part of our housing project. You can then choose from those options and select your ideal apartment home or townhouse before proceeding with closing on your property. You’ll receive all services related to moving and setting up your new home at no additional cost. In short, you pay one simple price, regardless of which service you decide to utilise.


Strong Partnerships with Real Estate Developers

When you’re looking to buy real estate for your home, there are two types of people you typically need to make a deal with: builders and developers. Developers are responsible for acquiring land from local governments and clearing it before handing it over to a builder. On completion, they hand over developed land to property owners like you. At Blue World City, we work with renowned developers such as Blue Estate Pvt Ltd and Royal Palace Enterprises that have years of experience developing property for clients. Whether you want commercial or residential investment, we have a plan for every taste and budget.


Changing Lives for Better

This high-rise will ensure better quality of life for its residents and make property investing more attractive for middle-class Pakistanis. For low-income families, it offers a chance to upgrade their homes at a price they can afford. You can Also check Kingdom Valley , and Park View City as they are similar projects. With facilities like free wifi and social rooms, we’re moving away from what people normally associate with low-cost housing. Residents will enjoy a safe environment at an affordable price. Most importantly, we have our profit margins planned so that we can give up to 80% of profits back to our buyers – putting money back into your pockets after you buy! You’ll be part of something truly special; investing in people and communities rather than buildings alone. Talk to us today if you want to get involved before it’s too late!