This holiday season, we’re giving teams creative and fun ways to celebrate The Escape Game’s diverse and epic online experience, allowing participants to connect virtually directly from their homes or offices!

Perfect for groups of all sizes, The Escape Game offers collaborative entertainment that brings teams together with better communication skills and lasting memories. Sounds pretty good.

Here are some options from The Escape Game that is perfect for an unforgettable corporate party!

Virtual Christmas party ideas

Distant adventure

Remote Adventures accommodates teams large and small, bringing a fresh virtual perspective to the traditional escape room experience. This is no ordinary Zoom meeting.

Get ready for an action-packed adventure full of twists and turns! Your team’s eyes, ears, and limbs are indoor game guides with live camera feeds. Your experience also includes hosts who guide your team through the adventure!

The platform hosts up to 500 people for Zoom meetings, split into groups of eight to meet the host and game guide. Each team then works together throughout the virtual escape room to follow clues, solve puzzles, and attempt an escape within 60 minutes.

 Unlocked for teams

In Unlocked For Teams, he divides groups into teams of seven or eight “secret agents” for live events that encourage friendly competition.

Teams compete against each other to solve crimes. Unlocked For Teams is easy to book (think Zoom links for millions of attendees) and full of excitement. Perfect for groups of 15 or more, it’s a great example of how organized events can create strong bonds, with participants working together to achieve a common goal.

Game show

The escape game show divides groups of up to 150 people into teams and competes in a 60-minute game show format. It’s also extremely valuable when remote or hybrid teams need to connect or need a step away from the day-to-day challenges of work.

Easy to play and set up, Game Show is sure to make your team smile and laugh. For a holiday-themed experience, try his Holiday Game Show, which has 150 players at a time. Players are split into his eight-person teams to face off in a holiday game show-style competition. The 60-minute free-to-attend session is perfect for large companies.

Epic team building

Perfect for corporate groups seeking a unique team-building experience, escape games demonstrate the value of active participation. When people with different skills and interests work together, they build strong bonds, develop their skills and, of course, have a great time!

Looking for an exciting event that’s easy to book? Contact The Escape Game today to start planning your event or Christmas party.

How to Visit an Escape Room mississauga for Someone as a Gift If your friend’s birthday is coming up and you feel like you’re done with the best gift ideas you’ve known each other for years, we’ve got the perfect plan for you. . When you give something to someone, it just makes you happy for a while and then suddenly it’s all over. But there is one particular thing that will last memory forever. So visit your best friend, escape the room and come with us:

If you reserve an escape room, it can be used by about 6 to 8 people, so it’s perfect for gifts and holding birthday parties!

 What’s so good about visiting an escape room on your birthday?

The main appeal of Escape Quests lies in the fact that they’re not just themed escape games. A good escape quest is a story that everyone can get involved in. In addition, a gift certificate to visit the Escape Room offers an experience like no other gift. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose:

The memories of working in teams, solving puzzles and helping each other will stay with you for years. So here is a short list of reasons why a visit to an escape room should be on your gift list.

Technically, it’s a group gift. But, of course, the star of the day is a friend’s or relative’s birthday. You can let the staff know your reservation, and your host will surprise you. Still, an escape room visit is a group thing, so everyone partying is involved. An escape room can be pretty much anything. Does your boyfriend like horror stories? Then this mysterious Dracula room is your best choice. Or is your friend a big sci-fi fan? Please do not worry:

There are live escape quests dedicated to dealing with broken spaceships, snooping around high-tech labs, and uncovering the evil plans of technocratic geniuses. Based on your favourite books, movies, and games. There is also a custom escape room. So if your friends are into Harry Potter, Skyrim or Minecraft, you can easily find the perfect one. This is a universal gift for any age, gender, occupation, etc.

Solve puzzles in real life, participate in exciting stories, and be an adventure hero. Everyone has reasons for liking escape quests, but no one is indifferent. If you’re planning on throwing an escape room birthday party in Redmond, book Escape Adventures in advance! We are always ready to welcome new refugees. If it’s someone’s birthday, let us know so we can prepare a surprise!

  1. A great last-minute gift idea

For all the procrastinators who waited until Christmas Eve to buy Christmas presents, Escape Room gift cards will save your day.

  1. Experience with things

Recently, there has been a tendency to emphasize experiences over things. Maybe it’s a generational phenomenon – millennials are portrayed with this trait in the media. Or maybe people have always been that way. On the other hand, perhaps this is good for humanity as it avoids the need to accumulate material objects. In any case, experiences (or memories of them) last a lifetime. Still, the durability of “things” is fleeting. . enter the escape room as Gifting is an exciting experience you can share with your friends.

  1. Unique / Never received this gift / Unforgettable!

Escape Games Canada have only popped up in the last few years, so many people don’t consider parting with them. Gift cards are generally very popular, but your local grocery store (still) sells Escape Room. I need help finding a gift card. If you want to stand out as being unique, give the gift of Escape.

  1. I Never played Escape Room Big Surprise!

Similar to the previous point, this deserves a separate mention. Not only do you make super unique gifts, but you also introduce newcomers to the escape universe simultaneously. I have yet to find a single person who doesn’t like escape rooms (truth, no sources needed). Your play here pays off greatly when your gift recipient discovers you have introduced them to their new greatest passion.

  1. Simple gifts / technically e-commerce purchases

Technology (high fives to the internet) makes it easy to gift that experience. Gift certificates can be purchased online, and the person can redeem them online. Still, to fully experience the gift, you must eventually go to a physical location.

  1. “Flexible” gifts

An escape room can be a great gift whether or not you know the person well (like a secret Santa or a white elephant exchange). People you know well will be like, “Wow, what a thoughtful gift!” but strangers will be like, “Cool, I’ve always wanted to try an escape room!” – The creator of the Escape Room – Receive a gift voucher:

1) redeemable anytime (no expiration date); 2) play any game (provided on the site); 3) It can be used by both large and small groups. Example: 10 cards can be used for 10 players in one match. Or with 2, he can play all 5 games (2×5 = 10 tickets). Or any combination in between.