Since 1955, Tom Wahl’s Brighton in Avon has been a family institution for residents of upstate New York. Customers have traveled long distances to enjoy a juicy WahlburgerTM, hot crispy fries, and a frosted mug or two of our excellent homemade root beer. Today, we still hand-mix the root beer at each store, just like Tom did in the beginning, but we now have nine upstate sites.

People Like Original Diner-Style Ambiance

Ground steak sandwich with hot sauce, onions, and tomatoes from Tom Wahl’s Brighton, Inc. purchased the restaurant chain in 1986.

During this time, the business developed Tom Wahl’s Brighton, a spin-off of its typical diner-style restaurant in Pittsford. This concept, which included a more upmarket dining experience, lasted only a few years before being phased out and the franchise reverting to its original diner-style ambiance.

Tom Wahl’s Brighton Multiple Locations

Mark Wahlberg, Donnie Wahlberg, and chef Paul Wahlberg formed an equity group to license the name “Wahlburger” from Tom Wahl’s for use in their restaurant.

Tom Wahl’s Brighton is a fast-food restaurant franchise headquartered in Rochester, New York, that today has multiple locations around the Finger Lakes region.

Burger Eateries Around The Country

USA Today named it one of the “51 outstanding burger eateries around the country.”  In March 1955, Tom Wahl’s Brighton Sr. launched the first restaurant in Avon, New York.  The restaurant specializes in “ground steak sandwiches” and sells Abbott’s Frozen Custard, as well as its famous root beer.

Review Of Om Wahl’s Brighton

I had the opportunity to visit Tom Wahl’s in Tom Wahl’s Brighton to Tom Wahl’s. I was always amused by their jingo, but I didn’t know much about the region.

It was always a simple burger joint to me. After placing my order at Tom Wahl’s, I decided to learn more about the restaurant. I took advantage of the opportunity to learn more about Tom Wahl’s tale while I was there. I liked how they created a family environment there; it’s something that WNY is known for.

At Tom Wahl’s

The “Junker Plate” is Tom Wahl’s Brighton rendition of the plate.

The basic two-cheeseburger dish will set you back with Tom Wahl’s Coupons at $10.36. This is by far the most expensive of the “mediocre” plates in the area. Let’s take a look at how it works:

Health Inspection Notes:

They had no violations as of the writing of this review on 3/4/2018. This makes me happy.

4 oz. meat (cheeseburgers)

The burger was cooked to perfection, but not to the point of being burnt. A better-than-average meat patty.

Points For Meat Sauce

“Did they put relish on my dish?” I wondered as I opened (and smelled) my plate. That day, I discovered that I, too, enjoy relish on my dish. I’m not sure I’d eat it all the time, but it was delicious on this platter. The beef sauce has a kick to it, and it was rather spicy for me.

3 Potato Side Dishes (Home Fries)

The french fries were by far the most disappointing aspect of this platter. I expected them to be of the same high quality as Tom Wahl’s Brighton crinkle-cut fries, but they were stale and boring.

Salad With Macaroni

The macaroni salad was creamy and nice, and it helped to cool off the meat sauce.

3 Slices Of Bread

The bread was a letdown. It was light and airy, but not flavorful. This appears to be a common occurrence. Why is it that eateries insist on serving this stale, tasteless white bread?

Control/Composition Of Portion

As I previously stated, I was wary of the relish on the dish. I’d like to emphasize that putting relish on the dish is a brave move forward that I applaud. It’s not something I would have done, but it turned out to be rather good.

Anywhere On This List, Will Serve You A Fantastic Plate

When putting together a list like this, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, there is a distinction to be made between “Best” and “Top 10.” My spreadsheet contains the tastiest plates in Rochester. This list includes many of the best plates. The following are the top ten plates.

So, what’s the difference between the two? Price is taken into account in this ranking. We’re searching for the most “bang for your buck” in this case. If you want to see a raw score of what I consider to be the “best” dishes at Tom Wahl’s Brighton go to the spreadsheet. After the obvious (taste), there are a few things I think about:

  • Meat Did the burger/dog come with a seasoning? Was it thoroughly cooked?
  • Was the meat sauce spicy or bland? Was it oily? Is it true that they didn’t bother to put beef sauce on the plate?
  • Potatoes – Were they completely cooked? Were they manufactured at home?
  • Mac Salad – Was it heavy on the mayonnaise? Was it unappealing? Were there any more strange vegetables in there? Were the noodles al-dente or soft?

I prefer an Al-Dente macaroni salad with a lot of mayonnaise. I’m not opposed to vegetables, but they can be utilized to disguise a bad taste.

  • What kind of bread was it? Was it something other than plain white bread? Is it possible that the bread was stale?

Ingredient Balance

Were the ingredients well-balanced? (Did they serve you three fries and a pile of macaroni salad, or the other way around?) Did they serve you too much or too little food?


2545 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618 (Map).


Starting November 25th, only take out orders will be accepted due to the restrictions of corona indoor sitting has been closed  (Dining Room will be CLOSED).

11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Chris Dunbar is the General Manager at Tom Wahl’s Brighton.