Many colored diamonds are rare in nature. For them to be considered as such, some variables must be considered and looked into.

Are they durable? Are they scarce? How much of them can be produced in a year? These are just some basic questions when determining if a diamond is rare.

Green diamonds in their natural state are extremely rare. If you find that hard to believe, think of this: A very small percentage of all diamonds cut into polished gems in any given year will have a dominating green tint.

They are very rare to the point that you might only get the chance to have a glimpse of them with a visit to a museum.

Therefore, a green diamond price is expected to be on an expensive scale.

However, owning one is not entirely impossible. A lot of people want to get their hands on this very exotic colored diamond and one way to do that is to purchase a piece of jewelry with the green diamond as its center in bespoke jewelry shops like Astteria.

Green Diamond Price: Overview

Let us get to know green diamonds in a more in-depth manner to be able to identify why intimidating price tags are attached to every piece.


When it comes to natural fancy color diamonds a dominant green diamond may be a needle in the ocean. Using this analogy, one must now realize how extremely rare a genuine green diamond with a deep green tone is.

Only a few natural occurrences of green diamonds have been reported throughout history, but several of them may be traced back to South America. It is also noted that they were reported to be found in the diamond mines of Golconda, India.


The diamond’s cut is primarily determined by how well it is polished. It can make the stone appear larger than it is and modify how the color is spread throughout the stone.

A diamond’s color has an impact on its pricing. It’s difficult to detect the difference between one color grade and another. That is why comparing diamonds side by side is crucial. The exact color of the pink diamond is determined by its tone, hue, and saturation.

The diamond’s weight, referred to as carat, is also a major factor in its cost. Simply said, the larger the stone, the higher the price.

Lastly, a diamond’s clarity is an important part of the 4 Cs. It has an impact on the rarity and thus the cost. The clarity of a diamond relates to its minute markings.

Notable Pieces

A well-known green diamond piece was documented to have come from the mines of Golconda, India and it was referred to as the Dresden Green.

This piece was then transported to London and was purchased by Friedrich Augustus I, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland and later on, came into ownership of Friedrich Augustus II.

The Dresden Green was set to become the badge of the Order of the Golden Fleece and eventually was broken into pieces. This historic green diamond piece is still present up to this day and can be found in the Green Vault located in Dresden, Germany.

Green Diamond Price: Conclusion

A 1-carat fancy green diamond price is expected to range from £40,000 – £80,000 per carat; a fancy intense green diamond can be purchased for £120,000 per carat, and a fancy vivid green diamond can be purchased for over £240,000 per carat.

With how rare this kind of colored diamond is, the exceedingly high price is not at all surprising. However, it is an investment worth splurging on especially when bought as pieces of jewelry from specialty jewelry stores like Astteria.

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