Chances are, if you are looking for a dentist, you will be looking not simply for one, but for a good one. Aren’t we all afflicted by dental phobia in some way? We all like good doctors and dislike bad doctors, right? Taking all this into account, you may find it useful to create a checklist of ‘features’ that are associated with a good dentist when you are shopping.
The best dentist is an indisputable one who is kind. I think most dentists, as well as all doctors, are kind by nature. Most of us would choose the dentist who seems to be genuinely kind over the dentist who only appears to be ‘professionally kind’ given two dentists. It is especially important to find a kind dentist if you have young children and are shopping for a family dentist. This is because if your dentist does not come off as very friendly to your kids, then the seeds of dental phobia may be planted in their minds.
Accessible dentists are the best. Even if your dentist isn’t available immediately, there may be times when you need a dentist who can at least advise you in the moment on the best course of action.
Many people believe that an experienced dentist is the best. Dentists do appreciate that dentistry is a very practical field, one in which familiarity with various procedures is helpful. Fortunately, all dentists have some practical experience (including those graduating from dental school today), since dentist training includes some practical experience in real clinical settings. Dentists with post-graduation experience, however, are considered by many people to be better candidates for retention as personal dentists.
People also tend to think that a good dentist is one with whom they can establish a good rapport easily. In regard to the first point, a good dentist should be kind. Nevertheless, it deserves its own mention. If you are comfortable with a dentists victoria bc during your initial consultation session, you may choose to make him or her your personal dentist after each visit.