Have you ever thought about what makes your practice different from others? If you don’t think it is your clients, you’re likely to move in the wrong direction.

At one point, providing excellent care was enough to build a successful healthcare practice. Today however, healthcare practitioners and their staff need to also provide high quality and efficient service to attract new patients to achieve high patient retention.

According to Harvard Business Review, “most healthcare practitioners have no business or management training”, this poses a huge challenge as Business and Management are some of the major parts of running a business/ private practice.

We understand that as a new business owner, acquiring clients, structuring your time and running a business might be new to you. This is exactly where a medical billing solution comes in.

What is a Medical Billing Solution?

In short, a medical billing solution is the glue that holds Medical Practices together, to allow day to day operations to run smoothly, professionally and remain profitable.

What does a Medical Billing Solution Offer?

Most offer almost the same features, here is a list of some of those features below –

● Appointment Scheduling
● Appointment Reminders for clients via SMS and Email
● Practice management software
● Client Management
● Invoice and Medical Aid Claim Generation.
● Submission of Medical Aid Claims via email and EDI ( electronic data
● Allocation of Medical Aid Remittances
● Ability to send emails and SMSs to each client
● Dashboards or reports on all key information for your private practice

Having a great medical billing solution results in good experiences

When providing clinical care is your goal and your passion, you perform important work that is best done when you bring a clear mind and the appropriate energy to each session. With that being said, there are many ways that a medical billing solution can be used in your private practice, such as improving your client experience.

Here are Some of the Benefits of Investing in a Medical Billing Solution

1. More focus on your core intent and goal: Providing clinical care.

Now you are able to focus more on what you love doing and not have to worry about administrative work, which can be time consuming. A practice Management Software will allow you to do just that by freeing up your time, instead of dealing with paperwork and other tasks that go hand in hand with admin that could take hours to complete, you can put the time and effort into your patient care.

2. Streamline workflows and processes.

Efficiency is always the key when it comes to running a business. The ability to configure the processes as well as when they should be executed makes your business appear very professional and trustworthy. This can also help in branding yourself the way you want your clients to see you and your practice.

3. Improve patient satisfaction and retention

The more your clients are satisfied and happy with your service and efficiency, the more likely that they will come back. Word of mouth is also very powerful and it is highly likely that would clients would recommend you to their friends and loved ones, which is one way of retaining clients.


We believe that a medical billing solution should be Reliable, Effective, Affordable and Secure.
Our focus is on assisting healthcare practitioners with their medical billing and other business operational functions. Kitrin IsoForge is our managed service offering that can assist any healthcare practitioner starting out or established in private practice with their medical billing solutions. To learn more about our medical billing solutions, click here – https://kitrin.com/medical-billing-solutions