Today most people don’t have a career plan. They just want to get into any job so that they can earn money. But when they ask where do you see yourself in 5 years? Most of them are either blank or give a reply that satisfies the interviewer. No matter where you want yourself to be in 5 years, if you really have a goal then you need to have a career plan.

In your career, if you are stuck or don’t know the next step in your career either you will keep on switching. But these are not the solution to your problems. To land yourself in the right position your need to have a career plan. So let’s identify you need a career plan

  • Having a career plan allows you to drive your life. Instead of letting someone else decide your future, you start creating a plan for your future.
  • Allows you to come out of default mode and help you to become more specific, dedicated, and structured about your future goals.
  • Having a career plan allows you to pre-decide what risk you are going to face, how competitive is the market place? And what you can do to separate yourself from others in this particular position. In short, you have a plan that enables you to be successful.


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