If you are confused, whether you should implement a splash screen or not then remember your first impression is going to be your last impression. Splash screen creates the first impression of your brand in the user’s mind.

Even if you don’t implement a splash screen your sales and revenue will not get affected. But implementing a splash screen will help your customer to associate and build a long relationship with your brand. It will also help them to recognize your brand whenever they see a logo or your name.

We can take the example of popular mobile apps like Facebook, Netflix, Uber, and more.  Even though being popular they use splash screens in their mobile app because they look for building long term relationships with their customers and users.

Netflix’s splash screen has grabbed many users’ attention. If you are a Netflix user then you can remember the simple and intuitive logo appearing on the screen when you open the application. Have you ever observed the Skype splash screen appearance?

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