Kartar Tractors are Top notch tractors that are very efficient as well as very durable. The tractors come in a wide range as per the farmers’ comfort. These tractors are easy to use, universal, and can be used in different kinds of farming. Its models are available in hp starting from 40 to 60 hp, which is pretty versatile in categories. The company has more than 8 models available in the market, including Kartar 5136, which comes with 50 hp, and Kartar 5936, which comes with 51 hp. The price of a Kartar tractor is economical for farmers. 

Kartar 5136 

  • The Tractor is famous for its universal attachment capabilities, which can be used for agriculture and commercial purposes.
  • The tractor has a 10-speed gearbox, including 8 forward gears and 2 reverse gears.
  • It can perform heavy tasks in the fields and has a lifting capacity of more than 1800 kg in one go.
  • This tractor comes with 50 hp and 3 cylindrical engine units, making it even more astonishing.
  • The price of Kartar 5136 starts from Rs 7:50 Lakh. 

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