A postgraduate degree in English is a two-year degree in the field of Arts and Humanities. Master of Arts provides several specialization courses. One of the most preferred specializations by the students is English Literature. The course curriculum offered to the students is a combination of ancient as well as modern English Literature. The curriculum of MA in English includes the study of novels, stories, poetries, and epics written by several well-known writers and philosophers around the globe. At the master’s level, the students can explore more about Literature in different parts of the world. 

MA program in English is the most pursued course by the students in India. Students who are interested to study English literature usually choose this course. The course is designed with an emphasis on the literature from different countries. The course also covers African/African-American English Studies, Commonwealth Literature, British Literature, Indian writing in English, Contemporary Literature, American Literature, Indian Literature, etc. The course generates numerous skills that will help students in various career aspects. Students will be able to improve some soft skills by choosing this course. The skills possessed by the students during and after academics include communication, writing, critical thinking, etc., which are very useful for them in the future. It also enhances students’ analytical skills and generates innovative thinking skills.

Admission to MA Program in English

Candidates interested in learning and studying English Literature can pursue this course. Several universities and colleges in India provide this course. Students can pursue this course online, offline, and through distant mode. Students can apply for MA in English course by filling out the online application forms and following the leftover admission process. The students must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university who wish to get admission for this master’s course. The selection of students for admission to this course is based on their performance in the undergraduate degree and their entrance test scores. Several entrance exams are held on national and state levels to select eligible students for this course. Students are required to score well in their entrance examinations to get admission to the top universities in India. 

Why choose MA in English?

Master of Arts is one of India’s oldest courses. Several universities offer a variety of Master of Arts courses like the MA in Hindi, Geography, English, Political Science, etc. However, the most vibrant course among the other courses is MA in English. MA in English is a popular course pursued by many students in our country and the world. Here are some reasons that mark the importance of choosing the MA in English course:

  • Students pursuing MA in English will get a detailed understanding of all the topics covered in the course, including Literature and other subjects.
  • Students will be able to understand the various kinds of literature including Indian Literature, British Literature, American Literature, etc.
  • Candidates pursuing MA in English will develop an understanding of the field of Literature that includes novels, poetries, stories, etc.
  • After graduating, the students will have a strong command over all English literature areas covered in this field.
  • Students will get to expand their professional circle while pursuing this course as the course helps to increase their professional skills and knowledge about the world.
  • Candidates can pursue higher studies in Literature after completing this course.


MA in English is a specialized course that deals with all areas of English Literature. The program’s importance has been rapidly increasing in India. English Literature has been considered the most significant course in India and in the world. Students will improve their communication skills, which will help them enhance their personality. So, keeping all this in mind, it will be easier for the students to choose this course without any doubts.