Summary: Women are generally known to have fantasies about sex and want to be satisfied. An unsatisfied sexual life for women could be disastrous leading to insecurity and distress. Men generally tend to move out and have hustling lives making them tired and less interested in sexual lives. Generally, men are subjected to health problems such as blood pressure and diabetes that could make it tough for them to stay longer in bed. Do you know what being unfit does to you and your woman’s pleasure? Read this text to know. 

All about men’s health:

 Men are constantly subjected to stress and outer environments that degrade their health both mentally and physically. Men are more vulnerable to illnesses than women as they have to deal with issues in daily life and fall prey to certain addictions. 

The majority of the male population across the globe is addicted to smoking and alcohol which impacts their sexual capacity. You might have already noticed that the majority of times males are affected by cardiac arrest and other severe issues while women aren’t. The ratio of women suffering from chronic illnesses is much lower than men.

 Also, there is a steep increase in sexual dysfunction among men such as erectile dysfunction. This can be assumed through the usage of medicines like Levitra 60mg. Premature ejaculation and low libido have also troubled men for too long. Having this sexual dysfunction also leads to issues in a relationship as their female partner is not satisfied.

How does men’s health affect women?

1) Distress in a female partner:

While a man has issues like erectile dysfunction, he might prefer to stay away from the male partner. Also, men with sexual issues tend to have engaged less in sexual activities creating distress among women. 

Women generally are seen to misinterpret it and fall into thoughts that their better half might be involved with some other lady or might not be interested in them. This will further make women depressed and will exploit their mental health. 

Women generally are delicate in terms of emotions and having sexual dysfunction can ruin your relationship. 

2) Issues in a relationship:

While sexual dysfunction is temporary it might leave a permanent impact on your relationship. Having erection or ejaculation issues and not disclosing it to your partner could lead to broken marriage or relationship. 

A woman needs to be satisfied in terms of sexual activity or else they generally feel dejected. When you don’t engage with your partner sexually she might feel ignored leading to a broken marriage or relationship. If you aim to save your relationship, get counseling and discuss it with your better half.

3) Depleted mental health:

Mental health is the most important aspect that governs the functioning of the entire human system. While a man has issues with health and cannot engage in sexual activity enough to provide the needed pleasure to the woman she gets emotionally troubled. 

Facing emotional dejection can make women face physical issues too. You must take mental care and discuss it with your partner. Sexual dysfunction can be due to various and you need to make your partner aware of it.

4) Dissatisfaction:

Women are generally too serious about their sexual relationship and their sex drives. Many times men cannot meet their expectations due to issues with their health even after taking enhancements. 

This can make your partner dissatisfied with you and ruin your normal life. Many times women part their ways with their partners due to sexual dysfunction. Hence educate your partner about your overall health and let them know what you are facing. This will help you both save your relationship.

How to cope with issues in the body to satisfy your female partner?

1) Healthy eating regimen:

The majority of issues in the body are all due to a bad eating regimen that contains high amounts of carbs, fats, and not-needed contaminants. 

For better sexual and phsyical health men must shift to a healthy and balanced diet that provides needed nourishment to their bodies. This will ensure your body works properly and avoids infection.

2) Exercise regularly:

Lives have shifted to technology and people are no longer struggling hard for almost anything. This has made men lethargic and they don’t undertake any physical activity. 

No physical activity leads to issues like diabetes, blood pressure that can hinder a man’s sexual function. This will further disturb your sexual life.

3) Quoting bad habits:

Habits such as excessive alcoholism and smoking might seem to have no effects on your body but within no time it can destroy your system. These bad habits increase the risk of having a cardiac arrest and can surely lead to choking in arteries. 

Choked arteries further mean that there will be a disturbance in blood flow. Restricted blood flow leads to issues like erectile dysfunction that must be treated with medicines like Cenforce 200mg. Hence quitting all these habits is extremely beneficial.


When a man has issues with health the sexual desire in them goes down and it can also affect their performance in bed. Women need to be satisfied and hence it’s crucial for men to maintain good health. 

Men must be dynamic and undertake physical activity to avoid health issues and have pleasurable sexual lives. Women when in bed must seek pleasure that binds them with their partner. Dissatisfaction in women can lead to stress and depression.