Those who own a car must know the fact that the car requires additional care besides routine servicing for longevity. But locating the right mechanic or an appropriate service centre plays a pivotal role in maintaining your cars for years. Hence, it’s important to know some of the major aspects before taking a car detailing service from a servicing hub. Hence in the next segment of this article, we are affixing some major points that a car owner should know before taking a car detailing service.

What Is Car Detailing

A car detailing is a care check-up that is performed at the set time duration or after the car has toured a certain number of miles. Your car manufacturer would mention the schedule when your car would need a complete service. Car detailing includes cleaning a car from top to bottom by using different tools and techniques, replacement of old parts and fluid, and a visual assessment to review whether the key parts are functioning properly or not.

Generally, there are three types of car detailing services available, Interim, Full, and Major. Though many garages or mechanics may try to confuse the customers by adding their new name to these services, always remember, there is nothing more than these three when it’s about car detailing service. You can consult your car service provider for determining the type of servicing that your travel buddy needs depending upon the miles you have travelled in it.

Interim Car Detailing

An interim car detailing is a primary service that is also known as a ‘Basic’ or ‘Bronze’ service. It’s formulated for high-mileage drivers who cover more than 20,000 miles a year. Generally, an interim car detailing encompasses an examination of the main units of a car such as the lights, tyres and windscreen wipers, lubrication of all moving parts, top-up of the engine, and brake.

It also includes a basic cleaning, oil change, oil filter change and other fluids and a detailed assessment for any fluid leakage.

Full Car Detailing

A full car detailing is also known as ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Silver’ service that is usually proposed every 12 months or 12,000 miles. It’s best suitable for drivers accomplishing short annual mileages. It contains a broader range of assessments and service replacement parts in addition to those performed during an interim detailing.

A full car detailing includes the below-mentioned services.

  • Top-to-bottom detailed car wash with special tools and techniques
  • Air-filter change.
  • Fuel filter or spark plugs replacement.
  • Substantial brake examination.
  • Wheel bearings and shock absorbers assessment.
  • Testing of electrical devices like battery, alternator, and starter motor.
  • AC system check.
  • Review of radiator and coolant hose.

Major Car Detailing

The third one is major car detailing or ‘Master’ or ‘Gold’ service and is recommended every 24 months or 24,000 miles. Major car detailing is the most thorough service package available that incorporates everything from a full detailing service.

Additionally, in major car detailing, the car parts that require replacement every two years, containing the brake fluid and cabin filters are altered.

Why A Car Detailing Is Important For Cars?

A general car detailing is completely different from an MOT test which is a legal assessment for ensuring the safety of the vehicle. However, the necessity of car detailing can’t be denied because if you don’t regularly take detailing services, the deterioration of your car may be apparent. Though regular car detailing can cost a little heavy on your pocket, its significance can’t be withheld.

The major benefits of taking a routine car detailing include:

  • A routine check of key parts of a car and the necessary replacement of the older ones can make your car run smoothly without any hassle.
  • A car that receives regular car detailing is more eligible for selling purposes than a car that receives less care.
  • Replacement of engine oil and engine filter can lubricate the functioning parts of the car and increase fuel efficiency.
  • During annual car service, the inspection of brake pads, discs, and callipers can guarantee that they’re working in their best form.

Therefore, go to your nearest car detailing provider and get your desired car service that can generate more efficiency for your car and deliver you a smooth riding experience.