The Internet has brought at your fingertip assistance services like ‘assignment writing service kind of services, but it also has taken a lot from you. Earlier besides buying books, geometry boxes, and other stationaries students used to buy their dictionaries as an important school necessity. But now because one click on google can bring out every single piece of information about a single word, students do not care much to carry an extra book and s the use of a dictionary almost got extinct.

But these days students should also feel the thrill of looking up a new word in the dictionary. That is an altogether different kind of feeling. But besides, there are other advantages of using a dictionary as well.

Below mentioned are a few reasons why you should use a dictionary.

  1.     No more bad translations – 

Have you ever tried translating using Google Translate? The results are unimaginably bad whenever there is any usage of complicated vernacular words. But if you translate using a dictionary, you can make far better sentences with the right usage of words. For this you can take the help of some academic writing service type services. But there is no more satisfaction than doing it all by yourself.

  1.     Learn pronunciation and word familiarities –

In addition to giving definitions, a good dictionary will write the word in the International Phonetic Alphabet to show you how to say it. 

You will find lots of example sentences in a good online dictionary to show you how to use the word, and which words commonly collocate (go with) that word. You can also search for phrases, idioms and phrasal verbs to find examples of how to use them.

  1.     Caters different needs at different stages –

An English-English (monolingual) dictionary is not very useful when you are learning English. A decent multilingual dictionary, on the other hand, is a better option than a translator. As you gain confidence in English, using a decent English-English dictionary can provide you with even more precise information and assist you to think in English rather than translating in your head.

  1.     Learn Abbreviations –

Traditional hardcover dictionaries have a list of abbreviations that have worldwide popularity. If you don’t realise this in a way also improves your G.K. And the interesting fact is that this will stay with you forever, every competitive exam, every quiz you participate in will have questions from this hence widening your prospect of winning. Knowing a lot of abbreviations can also help you write essays on different subjects because the dictionary contains abbreviations across all fields. You might not need any more geography assignment help services to make it more relevant content-wise.

  1.     Broader Vocabulary –

Flipping through a paper-filled dictionary helps children expand their vocabulary, learn proper spelling, grasp pronunciation, and enhance their reading comprehension. The dictionary encourages them to use example sentences to assess alternative meanings of a new word and determine which one makes the most sense in their context. The same page also introduces children to numerous additional words they may not be familiar with, so improving spelling and growing vocabulary. When spell check takes over the learning process, this experience is lost.

Even though you might use custom dissertation writing services services to do your English homework, it is important to own a dictionary and use it. So wait no more get one immediately.