You’ve probably heard about using Salesforce in businesses from different industry verticals, whether in finance, hospitals, IT, or even the real estate segment. But there are also less discussed industries like education, where Salesforce is actively helping to transform operations with digitization. That’s why educational institutions always look for top Salesforce consulting firms to implement and manage CRM. 

The popularity of Salesforce for higher ed is increasing as institutions are actively adopting end-to-end solutions to connect with students and staff members through multiple channels. This technology has brought up the concept of a connected campus that has revolutionized the way of delivering education beyond the institution’s boundaries. 

Hiring Salesforce Integration Partners for Educational Institutions

To understand the importance of Salesforce in the education industry in a better way, let’s start by covering the aspects in which leveraging Salesforce would be helpful for such institutions. 

1. Deliver a connected experience

Salesforce enables educational institutions to deliver real education beyond the boundaries of the classroom. With Salesforce, the staff can work on connecting all touchpoints, keeping students at the center of the education system. This helps the entire institution connect, enabling the staff to track student performance throughout their life cycle.  

2. Get a single unified view of everyone

Educational institutions can take the help of Salesforce integration partners to connect their existing systems with Salesforce. They enable the team to view every detail related to students, staff members, and alumni on a single platform. So, all the data can be accessed within Salesforce, whatever platform you use, whether social or mobile. 

3. Improve recruitment process

Recruiting eligible students is one of the major responsibilities of an educational institution. That’s where Salesforce can be of great help. Salesforce helps bring all the information in one place, thus making the application verification and approval processes faster and boosting the productivity of the staff members. It helps to minimize the manual intervention of evaluating every application, thus making the recruitment process smoother and faster.

4. Deliver a one-to-one customized experience

When we talk about students in a connected campus, they could actually be anywhere and could be using any device of their preference. You need to be able to connect with each student, analyzing their courses and performance. Salesforce can help you here to deliver a one-to-one customized student experience by optimizing interactions and delivering personalized connections on multiple channels. 

Leverage Salesforce in Educational Institutions

It’s quite clear that Salesforce is important in the education industry, and as the sector is moving towards conventional ways of learning, Salesforce can prove to be more advantageous. With Salesforce, education will have no limitations or boundaries. It would make it easier to connect students and staff from different corners of the world while promoting the context of e-learning. 

Leverage all these benefits of Salesforce for your educational institutions with our certified Salesforce experts at 360 Degree Cloud.