Dental implants are the wonder of dental care that replace any permanent teeth lost during adulthood. Many adults lose their teeth as a result of injury or certain medical conditions
related to oral health (tooth decay, periodontal diseases and so on).
The loss of a permanent tooth can result in a variety of oral health issues. Dental implants
come in handy in this situation.
Why Are Dental Implants the Best Option for Replacing Missing Teeth?

Reason #1 Natural Comfort and Smile

Dental implants Burwood are made of titanium, which easily integrates with the jawbone,
and are crowned to look like natural human teeth. They appear to be the patient's natural
teeth. Many people experience an inferiority complex when they smile with a missing tooth.
However, thanks to dental implants, the smile appears healthy and natural. It assists the
patient in regaining their confidence!

Reason #2: There is no risk of developing dental caries.

the benefit of dental implants in the treatment of dental caries Titanium, one of the strongest
metals known to mankind, is used to make dental implants. Unlike natural human teeth, they
are not susceptible to tooth decay. Thus, once your dental implants are in place and properly
integrated, the chances of developing dental caries for the artificial teeth are nil. Many
patients will be relieved because they are aware of the problems caused by tooth decay.

Reason #3: Chewing is the same as with natural teeth.

When we chew, our muscles produce Masticatory Force, which aids in the breakdown of
food morsels into smaller sized particles. Patients who are considering getting dental implants
are often concerned about whether or not dental implants have the same masticatory force as
natural teeth. Yes, dental implants provide the same masticatory force as natural teeth. This
makes chewing food easier and less painful. In fact, once the integration process is complete,
patients cannot tell the difference between chewing with natural teeth and chewing with

Reason #4: Improved Oral Cavity Maintenance

When a tooth is extracted or naturally falls out, an empty socket and bone are left behind. If
untreated, bone density declines and may lead to more serious oral health problems. A dental
implant, on the other hand, strengthens the bone and supports the oral cavity. Thus, dental
implants improve oral cavity maintenance while also decreasing the likelihood of other dental

What is the cost of a dental implant?

The Dental implant cost Burwood varies depending on several factors, including how
many teeth need to be replaced and whether additional procedures such as bone grafting or
sinus lift are required. In Australia, the cost of a simple dental implant can range between
$3,000 and $6,500 per tooth. You may be able to claim some of your treatment costs
depending on the type of dental insurance you have and the level of coverage you have.
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