No matter how many official reports you have written or how many descriptions brought you praise, writing an RPL report for ACS assessment requires something extra. Therefore, we advise you to rely on ACS approved RPL samples.

There are so many things you should pay heed to when you see them. Let’s know the most important ones.

Project report writing:

When you see ACS approved RPL samples, you will find the following ways that you need to follow:

  1. First, pick your project after thorough consideration. Choose the one allowing you to show your IT knowledge and skills as given in any of the ANZSCO codes that you want to apply for.
  2. Mention the details of the project in clear terms. You need to mention the name of the project you picked, the affiliated company and the given role in each of the projects in your report.
  3. Give a crystal-clear description of the given duties and responsibilities for each project. Describe the way the idea was implemented in the design and development of each project that will highlight your plus points.
  4. Give an impressive explanation of methods you applied in the System Analysis and Design of each project development. Besides that, don’t forget to mention the programming language names that were used in the project showing your programming skills.
  5. Don’t forget to include all the database management techniques that were implemented in the project to demonstrate your DBMS skills.
  6. Give a description of ICT managerial activities, showing the extent and nature of your competencies and responsibilities.
  7. You also need to include quality assurance and project management techniques that were followed in the project development showing your managerial skills. Give an explanation of the security mechanisms that were implemented in the project.

Considerable factors:

When seeing ACS approved RPL samples, take the following factors into account to write your ACS RPL report:

  1. The different methods that you adopted during the project management and quality assurance
  2. Different network topologies that were installed for security reasons
  3. Your own role in the designing and implementation process
  4. Techniques that were utilized in system design and analysis
  5. Methods utilized in Database Design and Management
  6. The language utilized in designing the system
  7. IT managerial activities revealing system benefits and plans

Some other important points:

You should also keep the following things in mind that you see from online samples when writing your report for the RPL ACS skill assessment:

  • The report must show your work experience on the basis of your real work understanding.
  • Each project has to show complete information of an ACS skill assessment work experience in your working history with the appropriate knowledge of the definite ICT learning used in a working situation.
  • Every source quoted, mentioned or rephrased information has to be noted in the ACS Project Report.
  • You have to write clear details of your IT work experience to show the understanding and broadness of your history.
  • Your RPL report must be free from plagiarism.
  • Copied content or duplicate data from online resources must lead to rejection.
  • Before writing the report, ensure that your work experience is sufficient.
  • Give your job descriptions clearly as per the ACS guidelines.
  • The responsibilities and roles you mention must harmonize with the ANZSCO code you have planned to apply for.





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