Whoever thought India is a laid back land that spends most of its time in meditation and prayer needs to take an Adventure Tour of India. Filled with opportunities to pack in lots of activity and to make you live on the edge, adventure tours in India have been favorites for domestic and international travelers alike.

India Adventure Tours are the best experienced when you travel with company. Although this is a very good platform for you to network and meet people, experiencing this tour with friends or family will make it more enjoyable.

There is a very wide variety of adventure tours in India that you can experience on your holiday. These can be mild and simple, or plain thrilling. There are adventure sports near the seas and beaches, you can find some interesting mountaineering and rock climbing, breathtaking adventure under water and even some amid the most ferocious rapids.

Along the coasts, you can try your hand at racing through the water. Jet skis, speed boats and scooters can help you cruise through the waves and give you a high. These are most popular in Goa, although you might also be able to do this along other coasts and beaches.

High up in the mountainous Himalayan region, you can raft down the rapids and white waters. It is an extremely sporty way to spend your summers, and even a good chance at getting away from the heat. This is also a good terrain to try some mountaineering. Heading out to Mashobra and other hill stations will give you a good chance at white water rafting and other sports.

Wildlife Tours In India help you get a look at the most majestic animals India has at lose quarters. These include the famous Bengal tiger, the lions, and also grand elephants. You cannot miss a chance at seeing radiant king cobras. Numerous parks, sanctuaries and forests allow you to take rides and experience sightings. These include the Corbett National Park, Kanha and Kaziranga National Parks.

Safaris on animal back give you a tour of India from a different perspective. You can try a camel safari on the desert sands of Rajasthan, elephant safaris at most wildlife parks, especially in Kerala. For those who are not up to this form, you can confine yourself to jeep rides which will also help you get about faster.

Scuba diving and snorkeling are the lesser known Adventure Tours In India. While people are usually not aware that these can be done in India, it is a possibility. This can be done on the virgin islands of Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar. While the underwater activities are matchless, a visit to these islands in itself is an adventure.

India Tour Operators have an exhaustive list of adventures and where they can be had. It is best to get to your tour advisor who will be able to suggest the best tour, and also arrange for your stay. You will also be saved the trouble of unnecessary paperwork and trouble. All you need to do is pack your bags and get going.