Aluminum Truck Bodies

There are a number of benefits of Aluminum Truck Bodies and beds, including cost savings to F3 Manufacturing customers, increased efficiency throughout the company, and also environmental benefits. Aluminums corrosion-resistance, a significant boost to cargo capacity, and truck beds that are just as strong as steel. Aluminum continues to be one of the most popular choices because of the materials clear advantages. Our high-strength extruded aluminium truck bodies are built to last, and they can be customized to match any vehicle.

Making your service truck lighter will not just benefit the environment, but also contribute to making it a safer driving experience. Our Wilcox Aluminium truck bodies is a well-tested vehicle that provides increased payload, improves durability, prevents expensive maintenance costs, and maximizes driver performance. As a result of these improvements, your truck efficiency will be much better. This will result in cost savings for you and your company. At Wilcox, we’ve been designing and manufacturing service vehicles like your perfect work vehicle since 1962. Our knowledgeable sales team works alongside expert designers and engineers to help you get the design for the perfect service truck for you.

Utility Truck Bodies

Utility Truck Bodies enables fleets to lower their vehicle weights while having little effect on their payloads. Wilcox bodies takes great pride in thoroughly designing each component, selecting each material grade, working on each and every manufacturing detail, in order to produce a Utility Truck Body that reflects the level of pride and service that you show your customers.

A family-owned and operated business since 1962, Wilcox Bodies specializes in building truck bodies for their expanding customer base. Over the years, the company has transformed from being a traditional truck body maker into becoming more involved with utilitarian vehicles, building side panels, floorpans, and more. In most cases, the customer would supply the blueprints or ideas, and then Wilcox Bodies would build them. The bodies are made of a solid aluminium construction, and Keystone Pro is suited to the Crane Body.

Don’t settle for generic when custom is an option. At Wilcox Bodies, we don’t just build vehicles to order. We listen to your needs, desires, wants and budget. We want your vehicle to work perfectly for you and the job you need it to do.

Each utility body provides an extra layer of toughness to resist possible damage, something that is missing from the bodies from other utility truck manufacturers. Our custom-built utility truck bodies are built from aluminum, providing owners and operators with increased cargo carrying capability, better fuel mileage, and the best structural warranties in the industry. Our steel bodies are built for durability, designed to handle even the most demanding jobs. If you have inquiry about any manufacturing parts feel free to contact us, we are consistently improving our services lines effectively.