” World of Warcraft saw huge reach, engagement and engagement in WOTLK Gold value-added services. There was also significant number of players who joined this community on their first visit supported by initiatives to improve the experience of onboarding,” Activision Blizzard said.

Activision Blizzard defines monthly active users as the amount of gamers who played a particular game in a certain month. The amount is calculated with the addition of the number of active players in all the months of a given period, then dividing it by 3.

“For Blizzard, an individual who has access to the same game across two devices or platforms in the appropriate time frame will generally be counted as a single user” Activision Blizzard said.

This differs for Activision or King. Because of “technical limitations,” the player who plays the identical game on two different devices or platforms is counted as two users. Activision Blizzard also cautioned that certain of its data originates from third-party companies.

Although the number of Blizzard players may be lower than it was last year however, it’s not really unusual. Q1 2020 marked the start of the pandemic, which caused a spike of people playing games which is why a comparison to the previous quarter was bound be difficult to compare. Blizzard is likely to experience a lot of growth in the coming years, as it is set to release World of Warcraft: Resurrected and WoW: Classic – The Burning Crusade this year. Game for mobile devices World of Warcraft is also due to be released in cheap WOTLK Classic Gold 2021. and it could create a significant impact. The game will be free to play game, with the option of purchasing.