Yeah. It was more of a feeling, that micro-holidays have been, to be honest it’s a term the concept was conceived recenty, and so the definition of what a micro-holiday is remains a matter of debate. To date it’s been up to three days in length, and the Trial of Style felt like an event of sufficient size that you shouldn’t miss it, and it’s slightly more likely to be missed even at three days buy WoTLK Gold. Therefore, we extended it out to five days and in doing so, said, “Well, let’s not label this as a micro-holiday. It’s just something else.” This also opens us up to be able to let it go out at a different cadence should we decide to do so later in accordance with how it plays when players begin playing it.

Going more broad, it appears like the latest technology has been a key emphasis during the life of this development. Do you would consider to be an ongoing goal moving forward?

I’m pretty sure that. This isn’t just a Legion thing. It’s possible that we’ve done more it in Legion, but since the beginning of WoW We’ve introduced technology into the game. The game didn’t allow us to complete a daily challenge until BC came out at the time, and then we realized we wanted tech for this. Our water wasn’t looking well for a while, and then suddenly it started looking pretty nice. There’s always new technology being installed.

Legion is no different. Even simple things like in the Chromie scenario WoTLK Classic Gold, we required bits of tech just to enable it possible for the Order Hall talent tree work on Chromie because she wasn’t an entire class, but rather one of the characters. It was just getting the 1’s & zero’s to function behind the scenes to make that work were tiny bits of technology that add up here and there and make it easier for people like me and the other designers on the game to really make the experiences that we want to create.