While braces have been around for decades, new improvements in available options have revolutionized the industry. There is a variety of health and confidence-boosting benefits to having braces. Getting that much-needed boost to your self-esteem can improve your mental wellness and social life. If you have ever felt embarrassed by the way your teeth look, this is a sure sign that you could benefit from the beauty advantages that braces in Prescott offer. Apart from all of the social advantages of braces, these appliances will also improve oral problems and dental hygiene. Experts agree that the rewards for wearing braces far outweigh the social stigma of having them on your teeth for a short period of time.
Braces can only be applied by an expert specializing in orthodontics in Prescott. The first stage of treatment begins with a thorough and informative consultation. If you’re a teenager getting braces, you will be advised to bring your parent along to assist in the overall treatment plan. If you’re an adult, you will be asked about any and all insurance plans you have in order to make treatment more affordable. The second part of the consultation will include a thorough dental examination, x-rays, pictures, and cement models of your teeth being made. All of these procedures combined will help your orthodontist to determine a specific treatment plan that will work for you.
Keep in mind that there are other braces in Prescott available besides the traditional metal variety. Many patients are now able to afford and receive treatment using the revolutionary new procedure known as Invisalign. Invisalign is a series of clear plastic trays that are worn over your teeth for most of the day and night. These trays straighten your teeth just as well as metal braces, and they can be a more pain-free way to wear these appliances. Many insurance companies are now covering most of the cost associated with Invisalign, so it is a treatment option you may want to consider if you currently hold a dental insurance plan.
Whichever office specializing in orthodontics in Prescott you choose, it is critical that you keep up with all office appointments. By continually missing appointments, your treatment will be delayed and braces will have to be worn for longer periods of time. For those wearing metal braces, wires will need to be tightened or replaced at each of your monthly appointments. The bands on your cemented braces will also need to be realigned and changed. You can choose from a rainbow of colors to customize your orthodontic experience. If you have Invisalign, a new plastic tray will need to be made for you at each of your bi-weekly appointments. Getting braces put onto your teeth will improve your health, vitality, confidence, and overall well-being.
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