You must first set up the hardware of your computer before you begin with the network configuration and the download and installation of the printer driver.

Finish the HP printer. To begin, unpack your printer. All ribbons and packaging materials must be removed from your printer.
Next, make sure your printer is on a flat surface and within wireless network range.

Then take out the printer’s power cord and plug one end into the printer and the other into a wall outlet.

Then hit the power button on your printer to turn it on. You can set your options once your printer is turned on.

Date, time, and location, for example. Place the papers in the paper as well.

Are you using a network connection to connect your HP printer?
Configuration of the wireless network:

  1. You must first turn on your printer before configuring the network. Its light of might must shine.
  2. Then, on the printer control panel, click the “Wireless” icon.
  3. After that, you’ll need to select the ‘Settings’ option. For the tooth form, tap.
  4. Wireless Settings>; Assistant can also be used to set up wireless networks.
  5. Your printer will now begin searching for nearby wireless networks.
  6. Then, from the list that shows on your screen, choose your favourite network.
  7. Then, for a successful connection to the wireless network, enter the password.
  8. A last notification will appear on your screen once the connection has been successfully established.

Then, to obtain the relevant printer driver software, choose your desired operating system. To do so, select the option “select another operating system” and then the operating system and version you want to use.
You’ll now see a list of available printer drivers and software to download. To begin the process, click the “Download” link.
This will begin the driver installation process. You’ll have to be patient because this process can take several minutes.
Your setup file will be saved in the Downloads folder after the download process is completed successfully. installation method

Open your computer’s Downloads folder.
You’ll need to look for your setup file as well. Double-click the file once you’ve received it.

to begin the process of installation
Then, on your screen, a pop-up window with a security warning will appear. To start the setup application on your device, go to the tab “Execute” and click it.
A User Account Control pop-up may also appear on your screen. Allow the installation application to perform the necessary adjustments to your device, according to this window.

To grant approval, click the “Yes” button.
To proceed, click the Following tab on the next window. Then carefully read the end user agreement and check the box to accept it.

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