What better way to start the New Year off than with clean depletes? Okay, so perhaps you can come up with a few better ideas for how to start the New Year, but as a handyman, we must make sure you consider your options for drain cleaning in Edmonton.

Deterrent pipe maintenance is a fantastic way to reduce stress and spend less money. When you schedule a routine pipe cleaning, you significantly reduce the likelihood that you’ll find yourself in a situation where you have a crisis pipe issue (like when you’re about to go on vacation or have guests around for the weekend!).

You have a few options to choose from when hiring an Edmonton drain cleaning specialist to ensure that you achieve true tranquility:

With Winding:

A simple but effective method of pipe cleaning is pipe winding. Residents of Edmonton can benefit from using a specialized technique (the winding method) to successfully clear through most two-inch and four-inch pipes and unclog their sewer lines. Many locations even provide packages that include the winding of both your four-inch main line and all of the two-inch pipes inside your home.


Hydro flying, which makes use of the high-weight water system, is incredibly effective at clearing debris from your pipelines, including oil and roots, and provides the greatest possible drain cleaning. Residents of Edmonton are aware that the effects of hydro flying last longer and carry a longer guarantee.

The 2-inch pipelines in your kitchen, in particular, are ideal for using hydro streaming to remove the stubborn oil that eventually builds up in the line. Hydro streaming uses specific spouts with water pressure up to 3,000 PSI to thoroughly clean drain lines. Additionally, specific tools are utilized to restore your pipeline to its original width.

Drain cleaning with Camera Inspections:

You can schedule a sewer camera inspection for those persistent pipe cleaning difficulties that are affecting your sewage line to find out exactly what is causing the problem and where it is. There is technology to pinpoint the exact location of the problem so that you can receive an assessment to immediately fix it.

Epoxy Sewer Lining:

This trench-free innovation, sometimes known as “pipe covering,” is the ideal way to guarantee that your drain cleaning administration runs marvelously and that your sewage lines don’t keep giving you problems.

Your pipe cleaning specialist will examine the line using the sewer camera in order to inspect the system, accurately analyze the problem, and provide you with options for a long-term solution. After using specific tools to restore the sewer line, a felt liner submerged in an epoxy mixture is placed into the precise region required to complete the pipe repair.

An internal funnel is created in the pipe by expanding the liner (or bladder). The bladder is ejected, and your new pipe is ready to use once the epoxy has dried and hardened.