Have you ever seen an Instagram influencer endorsing a sponsored product? With the influx of these ‘brand ambassadors’ nowadays, they are pretty hard to miss.

Back then, only celebrities get to have sponsored deals and armies of followers- but that all changed when social media influencers came into the picture.

They very much live up to their names- influencing a wide reach of audiences. Their followers look forward to their every post and every single product seen on their feed becomes the talk of the ‘gram.

So it comes as no surprise that brands have turned to them mainly for two reasons: First, it’s a more practical approach to marketing since their talent fees cost significantly cheaper than established artists. Two, they are more flexible in terms of their content hence they are able to lure in more followers.

But what’s behind these influencers? Who connects them to brands and secures their endorsements? Keep reading to find out!

How Does A Youth Marketing Agency Help Brands?

Social media promotion is one marketing strategy that falls under the youth marketing tactics. Since the vast majority of social media users belong to the age group that the youth market caters to.

More well-known brands have begun switching to the more modern type of marketing which is the use of online content. They sponsor products with the end goal of bringing traffic to their website, resulting in a faster return on investment. As a result, the more traditional method of shooting commercials and other types of advertising is now competing with a more sustainable, fresher alternative.

A youth marketing agency like NERDS Collective is responsible for this type of youth marketing strategy. They connect influencers to brands with the ultimate goal of making them brand ambassadors.

But their work does not stop there. They also come up with other strategies fitting to the specific style of their client- or in some instances, they are given the task to give a brand its much-needed makeover starting with how they market their products.

The Benefits Of Hiring A Youth Marketing Agency

By definition, the youth market encompasses a greater age range. It is broken into three categories:

Teen marketing focuses on people aged 11 to 17.

Students aged 18-24 in college marketing

Marketing targeting young adults (ages 25 to 34)

These smaller groups usually have items and advertising campaigns tailored to them.

Having a dedicated marketing team to guide you into making an impact on the younger generation is necessary, especially if your product is developed with the aim to be consumed by that specific age demographic.

Take advantage of the internet and the limitless opportunities it can bring for your brand. A youth marketing agency can absolutely help stir you into the right path. People can discover your brand with a quick swipe or click, but of course, even that should be done strategically hence why it’s extremely vital to have the right people in your team.

An effective youth marketing strategy should help you establish a good business relationship with your customers, making them loyal consumers. You will see a boost in your sales as well as achieving your business’ long-term goal of staying relevant.

Final Thoughts

Because youth are generally trendsetters, their perspectives are important. Everything you see on their feed has the potential to impact their followers, making it an effective product advertisement.

A business like yours can utilize a youth marketing agency like NERDS Collective to target their particular age group in order for this sort of marketing to be effective and Business Needs.


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